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6/1/2001...Shell Woodside bid. Letter to editor - not a fit and proper coporate citizen

Saturday 6th January 2001

Friends of the Earth Sydney fully supports the majority Woodside Petroleum directors ongoing rebuff of Shell's takeover bid and similarly the WA Government rejection of Shell as an owner.

Environment groups active around Holden dock in Melbourne, and Gore Cove in Sydney Harbour and Alice Springs in central Australia know about Shell's role in oil spills, their dangerous tankers, and their dishonest PR machine. Details are contained in our lengthy submission to the latest NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into yet another pollution event in August 1999.

We know from our African brothers and sisters about Shell's domination of oil in Nigeria and active political collaboration with that country's disgusting pseudo military government. For example Shell could have stopped the state murder of author Ken Saro Wiwa and 11 other peaceful Ogoni freedom campaigners in 1995. Shell remains in bed with the militias to this day.

We have recent news from a sister group on the Indian sub continent of Shell Energy vandalising Kirthar National Park in Pakistan via corrupt local officials. It seems that where ever Shell goes the people and/or the place get hurt.
It's clear to us Shell is not a fit and proper corporate citizen and their bid for Woodside should be rejected in the interests of the Planet generally.

Yours truly,
Tom McLoughlin, policy officer
Contact details as above or mobile 0410 558838

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