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Greens in Wentworth release their preferences very early


Tuesday, 14 August 2007
Premature ej*c*lation by the Green Party in marginal Wentworth?
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Curious is the news from the weekend that the Green Party in Wentworth marginal seat in east Sydney  (apparently on the abc radio but I missed it) have already announced their preferences. Here it is via Australian Jewish News too, a very influential cultural demographic there
Greens preference Newhouse in Wentworth (August 10, 2007)
Greens preference Newhouse in Wentworth
And yet back on July 11th 2007 local Village Voice/Wentworth Courier (now News Ltd owned) published this by very experienced local journo Kim Shaw:

Fighting for the green vote - Politics - Village Voice


Senator Kerry Nettle with Wentworth Greens candidate Susan Jarnason and John Kaye MLC.

The Greens announced their candidate for Wentworth last Sunday, declaring that preference flows could unseat Malcolm Turnbull MP from the marginal Liberal electorate.

Susan Jarnason, a nurse and P&C activist, will stand against two high- profile lawyers: Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Waverley Mayor George Newhouse, who will represent Liberal and Labor respectively in the federal poll later this year.

Ms Jarnason pitched her campaign to people concerned about climate change, public services such as health and education, and Aboriginal land rights.

"I am proud to represent the Greens, who are taking on the hard issues of coalmining and building a strong renewable energy economy," Ms Jarnason said on Sunday.

"I will be challenging both Malcolm Turnbull and George Newhouse to justify their parties' lack of meaningful greenhouse targets and their failure to protect Aboriginal land rights," she said.

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle said the party was expecting a strong vote in Wentworth, where the community was looking for solutions to global warming and an alternative to the war in Iraq.

The Australian Electoral Commission has declared Wentworth a marginal seat. Since the 2004 federal election the Electoral Commission has changed the boundaries of the seat to include more of Woolloomooloo, a traditional Labor-voting area.

The Greens took 11.15 per cent of the vote in 2004; however, the Greens outpolled Labor in the seat of Vaucluse in this year's state election.

Raising some intriguing questions
1. announcing their prefernces fully 3 months from the vote, and way before the formal campaign though its game on now of course
2. given their preferences to the ALP's George Newhouse, a credible candidate no doubt but surely squandering any chance of policy commitments this far out from the ALP?
3. On face value seems to be defying the recent strong opinion piece by Bob Brown in The Australian not to preference the ALP (or was that just in Tasmanian seats?).
Is it because Turnbull is such a dickhead in cosying up to the pulp mill project or is it straight out rust on ideological sympathy with the ALP in Wentworth in isolation of all other realities? Or is it a bit of all of these things in the way democracy is messy and pretty dumb at times? Or indeed a secret deal we are not meant to know about?
Certainly not the way this writer would play electoral poker, indeed as a candidate ... for Wentworth back in 1998 ..... for the Green Party .... now strictly non aligned. Back then we got 5% of the vote in a tough polarised vote. As a candidate this writer theoretically would be after a bidding war in Wentworth over say Tas forests and hold preference decison till late as decently possible.
Did the Wentworth Greens think Howard was finished and wanted to kick him while he was down, only to see AC Nielsen poll and Monday headline in Fairfax 'Howard back in the game'. Oops. Premature?
Oh dear. What hope the forests in all this Tom says shaking his head. We've contacted Turnbull's office, confirmed the Green Party decision with their state office and tipped off an ABC journo. Waiting to see Bob Brown's office response with a call in there.
Can't say I'm surprised, I've found in the past the Eastern Suburbs Greens determinedly pro ALP when the rubber hits the road in an election, no matter what the ALP actually does as a corporate national body. Are they captured?. Seems to be a genetic thing with them. Is it just me who notices the ALP is Another Liberal Party? And that's on social policy too like the NT intervention recently.

Our legal colleague and principal solicitor Alex Tees is now huffing and puffing saying he wants to run as a genuine independent candidate, and blow the $500 filing fee, with a hotch potch of left and right policies like:

1. human rights - close Villawood

2. simplify GST for small business

3. reduce unemployment/welfare even more by govt paid jobs for projects (we can afford it) excepting disability, lone parents on welfare.

4. Save Tasmanian forests

... and now doubt more.

We think this would fracture an even more fracturous electorate. So why the hell not? He's talking a grassroots meeting sometime in the next several weeks.


Postscript #1 15th August 2005

The agitating against a nasty forest destroying pulp mill in Tasmania continues page 3 of The Australian today here referring to Geof Cousins a senior of the Australian business community:

PM's pal damns pulp mill proposal 


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