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Sunday, 23 September 2007
Sunday free tv talkies: Oakes spikes Milne feral Coalition front pager re Kevin 'the white Koala', foggy after 50 birthday bash

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Author’s general introductory note (skip this if you know this regular weekly column):



This is not a well packaged story. It’s a contemporaneous traverse of the Sunday television free to air political talkies indicating the agenda of Establishment interests: Better to know ones rivals and allies  in Big Politics and Big Media.



Indeed it’s the tv version monitoring task similar to what Nelson Mandela refers to here in his book Long Walk to Freedom (1994, Abacus) written in Robben Island prison (where he was meant to die like other African resister chiefs of history in the 19C), at page 208





“..newspapers are only a shadow of reality; their information is important to a freedom fighter not because it reveals the truth, but because it discloses the biases and perceptions of both those who produce the paper and those who read it.”





Just substitute ‘Sunday tv political talkie shows’ for "newspapers" in the quote above.



For actual transcripts go to web sites quoted below except with Riley Diary on 7. And note transcripts don’t really give you the image content value.



Media backgrounder



 - Piers Akerman in Sunday Telegraph 23/9/07 Heiner Affair inaction appalling in real touble defending himself against forceful repudiation of Heiner scandal ie irrelevant to Rudd credentials says the sister broadsheet The Australian, concurrent with heavy weight writers Steve Lewis and Gary Linnel moving into the Sydney Telegraph on Piers turf.  Akerman for the chop?


- The Mayne Report is a goer, includes great backgrounder on business succession in the will on death of father Keith to Rupert. Similarly Media section in The Oz report has flattering picture of Stephen Mayne.


- Stephen Loosely in Sunday Telegraph column surely on the money re Karl Rove (KR) like tactics of federal Govt, reinforced by Glenn Milne KR style self smear of Coalition 'gay' minister. Quite possibly an allegation against Pyne (with a certain style of voice and known Peter Costello supporter therefore ditchable?: Howard doesn't have figleaf of good polling now for Eden Monaro after last week means leadership still at risk?)


- Milne churlish about Kevin Rudd being foggy yesterday when surely recovering from his big 50th birthday party when caught being vague on candidate and location duties next day. Oh please. And this oversight from Milne in  Rudd gets lost in the dirt famous for his own alcohol frolics:           

YouTube - Crikey, Walkley Awards, Stephen Mayne, Glenn Milne

[and see Laurie Oakes Sunday 9 destroys the 'ALP source' premise, with LO witness the dirt file proferred by " a Liberal"]

The attempted front page blowtorch headline pictured above in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph page 1 may have another real politik aspect in a KR self smear reverse attack sense, perhaps to aid Turnbull in Wentworth with a high gay vote? These voters would be very angry with malicious outing of a gay professional and wanting to punish the side responsible.


- Bob Collins ex federal ALP minister impeccable timing, dead of cancer prior to court case scheduled re alleged child abuse.


- Peter Costello wants Sydney to pay more for water via new $2B Desal [at 60c a kilolitre, 56c out of catchment, so similar cost, but its the capital cost build that is too costly, refer Stateline last Friday], not surprising as he wanted us to pay GST too.



- Dramatic footage of Villa Francia presumably area of Chile/Santiago with street rioting, which by contrast did not occur in Sydney during APEC and would have fed the ultra agenda of this current PM.





Meet the Press


Talent is Opp Health Nicola Roxon. Looks well groomed, fit, appealing, clear speaker

First question re Rudd health. Says desperate by govt. Not a Rudd cover up.

[we agree, govt leveraging a rhetorical defense via 2004 quote of Rudd on 7 'I will tell you about it sometime', but it was govt surely to call up Gillard as left wing successor, neutralise Howard dodgy hip/age, it's time factor. No way Rudd  would willingly talk about health of heart to cover a tax scales fluff. That's the weight. It looks a KR tactic by the Coalition with added finesse of smoke screen plausible deniability. Very tricky and feral too.]

Footage final Parliament question time 'mud wrestle at end of the universe' to quote Bob Ellis ALP elder hack

Howard aka Rodent says "can beat Rudd without resort to smears". [Trouble is my bullshit detector screams high pitched beeping like smoke detector on burnt toast. ]

[Read Stephen Loosely far left side bold type political opinion pages Sun. Telegraph in Sydney].

Panel lovely Eleanor Hall abc world today show, Steve Lewis latterly The Australian now SDT [to do over Akerman resorting to calling their Heiner editorial "bizarre" and their sources 'as useful as a blind man's drawing'. Conclusion - Ak is on the skids.

NR - will keep regressive medicare aspects smart politics, bad policy, re welfare to the rich but avoids Big Meeja attacks on upward envy. Answers yes would like to  be Health Minister.

Republic issue reignited? missed answer

Animation - Pete Costello as doormat. Very funny, cutting.

1st political advert, Lib voter sacked IR laws. Calls up Sunday Herald story on Business advert dumped for using ex con actors.

2nd political advert - Greens IR attack advert, with shredder.

Footage of Howard defending house value wealth increase. Gust on affordable housing. [Important issue but boring at batshit to this writer with Murray Darling out of water]

Actually some zinger comments. Land supply is a furphy - developers holding land for higher profits. Also very shap speaker and balanced. Very good choice. Political version of Glover self improvement Wednesday - education guest slot works against expectations for MTP.

Process, my space team up

 actually said meet the people, address on screen said press but wrong. Outake has chatting going strong.


Transcript in due course


Picture: Images in weekend press, both Fairfax from memory. At left federal govt advert quite big say 1/4 tabloid page as per this earlier report Greenhouse ads approved, but mail-out junked - Environment - smh ..., and Westpac Bank wrap around of popular Good Weekend magazine.



7 Weekend Sunrise, 8.35-40 am Riley Diary  -


Chocolate wheel footage of John Howard with super hero costume there segue to Batman theme. Fantastic footage. Fantastic soundtrack. Wham, Bam, Zap. Penguin with purple top hat. The evil voice. Outstanding work. Jaw dropping humour. Acknowledges an ABC source for the election episode.

Sleazy pollsters on coat hooks.

Howard "I love youse all" re seats, but actually sounding spookily like the rendition in Keating! The Musical.

Passing reference to mutual sledging,

Q&A - with Sam and Andrew. Polling talk re soft vote "quite a theory" for ALP [as per Christian Kerr on Friday]

- alot of footage of Costello running exercise racing cameraman, quite amusing. Pretty fast for a near 50 year old. Pretty flattery to a pollie.



Insiders 2


More footage of Costello running like Riley Diary, maybe MTP.



Tony Abbott is the first talent. Polling intro encouragement for Coalition re marginal seats strategy, but locked in ALP vote of 89% with a ten point lead.


Abbott doesn't know who the minister was with dirt file on Julia Gillard. [Is the Glenn Milne piece an ALP  revenge story on this particular Minister who met with Jason Katsoukis from The Age?].


Abbott very safe but also quite jaded lines. Nicola Roxon sledge re bored Abbott - yes but denies it, as per my view here of 'jaded' tone.


 Restuarant staff on dirty politics. Younger adult voters. In Tasmania. Open mind campy guy talk.


Panel: Annabel Crab top sketch writer Fairfax. 'Vaguely offended' not got a dirt file. 'Weather proofing'  about dirt files. Mal Farr, News Ltd Daily Telegraph. Gerard Henderson - quite amusing.


[missed alot of dialogue as big feature on 9]



Home page is




Sunday 9


Northern Rock average people run on the bank story - Doogue asked John Edwards on RN abc yesterday 8.45am would that scare voters back to Howard for more secure hands?


Laurie Oakes (LO) with Julia Gillard (JG) deputy leader Opposition, [clashes with Paul Kelly pity]  no doubt about if Rudd has a heart attack. Sure enough first ball bouncer, heart beat from PM if Rudd wins.


Smearing issue. Poor tactics when policy debate better focus for ALP? JG runs her factual matrix of reasons. Govt protests too much mock outrage.


LO cracker question: Why did it matter if heart valve no big deal? Govt was the one that over reacted in "indignation mode". LO both do it. Epstien ran Animals media unit.


About front pager by Glenn Milne shown above. Oakes fed by the same story by a Liberal revealed in the interview. LO notes people within the same party do it against their own party rivals. LO effectively destroys Glen Milne story and credibility of the line.


Notes Reynolds v JG re ABCC, cop on the building industry. Pay back but who cares takes the nation's interest. Sounds determined and strong.


ALP "aggressive negative message" in JG speech in 2004. About the policy debate she says is the explanation.


Sunday Age, also Sydney SunHerald - 2 actors, not really actors they are notorious criminals.  


What will happen to Barbare Bennett [how does an old stove and a boat trip sound?]. Plays it straight - treat her job on merit.


Interview goes in a dangerous direction re feature story on union- business betrayal of workers. Nasty, JG is askance and maybe even suitably disturbed and "will watch the story".


Ellen Fanning in resplendent luminous orange. Nice colour.


[Appalling waste of money on water tv advert, very high production values and expensive obviously political advertising with our money, as their grassroots membership plummets as they lose all credibility.]


LO with Ellen Fanning- ALP did not leak heart story. Did come from someone with links to the Liberal Party but it didn't come from Howard or Parliamentary party. Surprised it didn't appear in two biographies. Ellen asks about smear of Liberal Minister in front page today. Came from Liberal side.  Allegations no proof. Ellen notes Grattan story in fairfax.


TWU deal allegedly made with business to exploit its own workers with 30% cut in conditions for Qantas airport workers. Tony Sheldon accused - sold them down the river? TWI Danny Dooley (?) 25 year delegate Qantas, Matt Cook delegate in rival whistleblowing exercise. Shadowy fund - employers pay into it. Lack of transparency. TWU official in shadow.


Scott Connolly - TWS sub branch secretary. Slick looking fixer.


Informant - culture of greed. Sold the farm from under the feet of our members. 'Industrial Rights Training Education Fund'. Every year about $2M.


Could be a beat up over rival ambitions to control the union, and a secretive fund to help the ALP win the election.


Story blows Insiders last 3rd off the remote control.


Feature story about 1969 social attitudes: Bruce Petty 'born old' reminisces, as does David Williamson author of Don's Party. Great archival footage James Dibble, Credence music, flesh, Malcolm McKerras psephologist says leaders are less colourful than Gorton, or Gough. Much more tame than 60ies.


'Frantic materialism now' says Williamson. Petty at 78 generally agrees, govt push same line. Predictions of Howard demise. 


Malcolm McKerras shown in the archival footage and today, says Howard likely be voted out as too radical with Work Choices, not actually 'a conservative', coming from psephologist with conservative credentials.


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