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2005- 2007 Gulaga forest protests NSW South/Nature Coast


May 2007 - Alliance with local Traditional owners to oppose logging on the foothills of Gulaga on NSW South Coast

27 May 2007 Traditional owners serve eviction notice on Govt loggers, support for Gulaga this Sunday May 27

17th May 2007 Julian Armstrong, State forest public servant does the logger's PR in local paper Narooma News
Pictures below: Gil Mathie, logging contractor leans on car bonnet (top) and watches (bottom) as police close up their paddy wagon after arresting another member of the local community Tuesday May 15th 2007. The day before Tilba Chamber of Commerce President Sol Ramana-Clarke was also arrested. One of Gil Mathie's crew was convicted of criminal assault against conservationists in 2006.

16 May 2007 Community protest today in Batemans Bay re logger vandalism of the tourism coast, here
15 May 2007 Lib-Lab bullies and their logging/mining mates vandalise our local water catchments and our society
A local environmentalist John Perkins forwards this image from earlier today 15th May 2007 at the Gulaga protest near Tilba on the NSW South Coast. Similarly yesterday the President of the Local Chamber of Commerce was arrested, and protesters were supported by John Williamson of country music fame last Saturday. Gil Mathie logging contractor is shown in the middle of the picture at front.

9/3/06.. Sid Walker former Executive Officer Nature Conservation Council 1990-1995, reflecting on the disgrace of ex Premier of NSW Bob Carr broken election promise to ban woodchipping in NSW which would have also helped East Gippsland, Vic forests.

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Saturday 19 March 05


Today a group of local people set out to walk from Central Tilba to the foothills of Gulaga, in response to the proposed logging operations within 400 metres of the National Park.

Gulaga has long been recognised as sacred to Aboriginal People.

The woodchipping of this area (compartment 3046,Bodalla State Forest), scheduled after Easter, will have a detrimental effect on the ecology of the area , particularly Punkally Creek which supplies water for local farmers below the compartment and ultimately feeds Wagonga Inlet with its locally renowned oyster farms.

Heidi Brennan and her young family, together with Rob Tombs, Tony Whan, and other members of Tilba Ecology Network, plan to establish a Vigil in the compartment, to encourage dialogue in the community and pray that this forest can be preserved intact for future generations.

A fire will be lit in solidarity with the Two Fires Festival in Braidwood this weekend which celebrates the lifelong work of Judith Wright, activist and writer

Ms Brennan said "It is time for us ordinary folk to step out of our comfort zones , connect with the land and each other to embrace a common future. We have had enough of multinational companies destroying our land and lives. It is time for us to wage peace for the land."

"We shall try and create a sacred space where anyone can come to share their stories and envision a peaceful future for all life, including all life in this unique forest" said Mr Tombs

All interested people are encouraged to visit.

This is an Alcohol and Drug free event.

Contact Heidi Brennan or Rob Tombs 0438 246334
02 44 737075

Tilba Ecology Network
PO Box 98, Central Tilba, NSW, 2546
ph/fx 02 4473 7075

Directions to Forest Vigil

Continue through the main street of Central Tilba going north After 5 km turn left on to Punkally Creek Rd (just before deer farm) . Continue for another 2 km into Bodalla State Forest. The camp is on the right hand side of the road at the turn off to the Mt Dromedary trail. (this is in the middle of the compartment)

Ecology action donations to Tilba ecology network, Gulaga protest camp, Easter weekend 2005, thankyou Sydney Council throwouts!

- seriously big jar of vegemite
- A3 ream of paper
- new work boots
- mossie net
- assorted women and kids clothes
- some denim jeans, other clothes
- muffin bake trays
- laser printer and connections
- big metal vice for work shed
- standard envelopes
- various reinforced banner making cloth



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