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26 Jan 2005 - W Bush's military industrial complex drawing fire on Australia

Rob Wesley-Smith writes:
Here's a letter published in full on 26th January 2005 (aUStralia day) by the NT News, a Murdoch paper, which I never expected to print, especially as on radio the previous day I had pointed out it, along with all except one of the approx 160 Murdoch papers worldwide, had
supported the invasion of Iraq. A couple of mentions of East Timor.


Jan 2005

Dear Editor

Your editorial 'We are the sharp end' NT News 24th January seems to extoll the virtues of being, what is to you a great military base and dominant economic and social force in Darwin, and what to me makes Darwin a bluddy great target, with disturbing social impacts and mindsets.

I would be far happier if you could exult in us being the stepping off point to Asia for mutual respect and friendship, and the delivery of generous economic support to help remove the conditions for the breeding of the people most call terrorists.

Actually during the Cold War we were in the top 10 targets for nuclear strike because of our plethora of radio bases. That's pretty macho stuff you'd agree. I wonder if the Ruskis have now pointed their thousands of nuclear missiles somewhere else.

Adding Star Wars is the pits. This system is a CON, a trojan horse, it won't work as stated, but it is all about allowing the US to use space for their dominant weapons systems. When China matches that soon enough, guess where their missiles will point?

The US has totally lied about the phony war on terror, why should we believe the Bush zealots on further war mongering. Halliburton is too well represented here now. Iraq is stuffed.

We are not playing our part here to keep the peace, when the Indonesian military have waged a 30 year war against Acheh, a 40 year war against West Papua, and did a mere 24 years war against East Timorese, all of which we and the US actively or tacitly supported/support.

We now support the Howard/Downer theft of the oil and gas resources of our nearest and poverty stricken neighbour. This policy, apart from its lawlessness and immorality, is causing the conditions for terror to thrive. Have a great A.US.tralia Day.

Rob Wesley-Smith

Howard Springs'

Rob Wesley-Smith


61 8 .... 0419 807175

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