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Environment groups with a long track record of independent action:

Resource centres with sustainability angle serving community of inner west Sydney

Alfalfa House Food Coop, Enmore Road opposite the Theatre in Enmore inner west Sydney, community bulk food store promoting organics etc

Reverse Garbage, sells industrial commercial discards cheap to the public at 142 Addison Rd Marrickville, and look for The Bower too.

Reuse and repair centre The Bower here.

Addison Rd Centre, 142 Addison Rd Marrickville, with Reverse Garbage, the Bower, both recycling centres and many social, culture and artist groups

Watershed, 218 King St Newtown (south side) with permaculture trainers Gavin and James, and much more funded by Marrickville council

SCRAP: School Communities Recycling All Paper. Contact Peter Carroll and his team there.

Permaculture and native plant resource and information

Marrickville Community Food Forest, 142 Addison Rd, at south west fenceline of large centre site, contact Gavin Farley

Marrickville Community Nursery, Addison Road Centre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville, Nursery coordinator: Helen, try 0412 435 948 - good for natives

Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery & Bushcare - Chapman st, entrance from Nelson St Roundabout, phone Beth t.96601304

Seed Savers network/association based in Byron Bay, tel 02-6685 7560, email

Strong researching useful to environment and social justice groups

defamation? useful reference from South Australia for community people wanting to criticise but not get busted for defamation - no endorsement by us though, and not legal advice as such

Legal advice from Community Legal Centres - a national directory ...and see next related link

The Complete Activist website at the National Association of Community Legal Centres

Centre for Resource and Environment Studies at Australian National University or CRES - leading environmental research organisation in Australia

World Watch Institute monitoring the global state of the environment: Good, bad, ugly and downright depressing.

Media with independent funding or stance supporting environmental concerns

Earthbeat, good archive of environment stories on ABC Radio National (successor to EarthWorm, Green & Practical. Sadly shut down 22/1/04.

Sydney City Hub and sister publication Sydney City News, produced by Alternative Media Group

Green Left Weekly, heavily left leaning weekly newspaper

Sydney Independent Media Centre, self publishing service part of a global network of web activists

Art Resistance and sister group Actively Radical video, dvd and tv production expertise for community and environment projects. Background here. Call John/Jill Sydney tel. 9564 1277/0417 220 504, Hut 24A, 142 Addison Rd Marrickville.

Catalyst or cat, a list server and free calendar of events for activists but not news/indy opinion as such, sister group to Indymedia above.

Eureka Books at 81 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042, one of several excellent radical bookshops in Sydney

Independent environmentally related social justice groups or networks:

Oxfam/Community Aid Abroad, which merged in recent years, tackling the underlying causes of poverty and dislocation, very independent, pushing more conservative aid groups

Aidwatch, Sydney based, activism pressuring Australian aid goes to the right people, communities and their environments.

Politicians or Parties with demonstrated commitment and effectiveness on ecological matters (to be continued)

Clover Moore, Mayor of Sydney elected 2004, Independent Member of Parliament NSW for seat of Bligh covering roughly the same area

Senator Bob Brown of Tasmania in Federal Parliament, co founder of Australian Greens Party and famous leader of anti logging and dam campaigns

Dr Arthur Chesterfield Evans NSW MP, in upper house Legislative Council, reputation made defacing big tobacco billboards

Sylvia Hale MP, NSW Upper House mostly urban planning matters, inner west Marrickville base

Ian Cohen MP in NSW upper house legislative council, history of logging protests and other media stunts, author, populist in style

NSW Greens Party: strong on rhetoric, leaders have limited formal ecological qualifications and mostly focussed on social justice issues







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