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Australian date convention: 5/1/05 reads "5th January 2005".


- archive of 2007 news stories at Sydney Alternative Media (SAM) website owned and edited by the principal of ecology action sydney (this website)



- archive of 2006, and last half of 2005 diverse stories by the principal of ecology action sydney on diverse topics on Sydney Indy Media




4/7/05...Micro water recycling catch up via Cleanup and LGSA's North Sydney Pres?

3/7/05...Ritter blows whistle on Bush preparatory steps to war in Iran: Peace list

3/7/05...Why Bad News' Ltd 'Prof' Paul Kelly, Insiders, wrong on Latham ...again

3/7/05...Man avoids jail after attempting to arrest HoWARd in New Zealand for war crimes

2/7/05...Viva Juanita! 30th anniversay free speech, heritage martyr, R. I. P. 4th July 1975

... and see eas web page here

2/7/05...Picture collage re Greens win over Mitsubishi Paper Mills report of ABC World Today

1/7/05...Darfur Vigil, Bondi Oxford St Mall 7th July, all welcome

June 2005

30/6/05...Patagonia under threat from massive hydro: for Spanish speakers

29/6/05...Biography is not 'Latham's book', or his timing, nor is it NEWS really

28/6/05...Tony Hastings, Greg Tantram win illegal logging case, Vic Supreme Court today

28/6/05...Age breaks story today of Howard's covert nuke proliferator agenda?

28/6/05...Rising Tide Corporate Climate Criminal Carrnivale!!

28/6/05...Chip ship burnt in effigy: Bega District News report

28/6/05...Is The Australian's Steve Lewis a serial poison pen on Latham, nonfactional ALP?

27/6/05...Pollie waffle on Wood rescue unravelling by the hour

27/6/05...More background on centrist Chilean President Lagos visit here

27/6/05...Green Senator goes in to bat for local farmers done over by Maccas etc



2/4/05...Peak oil - use outstripping projected inventory. Alarm bell in Sydney Morning Herald

2/4/05...primary link to United Nations Millenium Ecosystem Assessment report, 1,300 scientists in 95 countries, 4 years long, $25 million cost.


31/03/05...Professor Lord Robert May, President of the Royal Society, ex adviser to UK PM, adviser to Lowy Institute on Millenium report and see 2 links below, and Report link itself above.

31/3/05... Irreversible change from industry and agriculture, 2/3 global ecological resources polluted or exploited, $25 million cost of study. Also link below and above.

31/3/05...Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: 1,300 experts from 95 countries, 4 year study: human consumption threat to earth's viability. 50 yr left until exhaustion. See also 3 links above.

25/3/ of Gulaga/Dromedary NSW south-nature coast protest vigil against woodchipping

22/3/05...Deputy PM Anderson career crashing lie to parliament ignored by mass media? [this and related items on bad News Ltd cover for Deputy PM facing alleged bribe claim by MP Windsor at 17/3, 18/3 below]

22/3/05... Revelatory BBC/4 Corners/ABC yesterday on 'Global dimming' 10pc less sunlight (masking warming) from particulate pollution/cloud interaction changing monsoon patterns, famine threat to 3B people, cure will spiral greenhouse eg Amazon fires. Global horror story suggesting vote 1 Greenpeace ... like yesterday.

22/3/05...MP Turnbull useful contribution to Sydney water recycling push, break up of Sydney Water monopoly on World Water Day

21/3/05...Strong opinion piece SMH by Richard Broinowski a former Australian diplomat and author of Fact or Fission - the truth about Australia's nuclear ambitions

21/3/05...Objective analysis of Carr on the environment, it's not the TEC director? [discusses undue positive reports by SMH/TEC re Carr regime '95-99,'99-03 and Green Party/other ngo balance effect]

20/3/05... letter spiking new SMH writer Michael Duffy, loggers' friend, re abuse of space, bias, sloppy research re Tasmanian woodchip sector

19/3/05...Sydney's biggest export - empty shipping containers at 1000 per day is just one consequence of redundant consumerism at $10 billion per year as per Australia Institute study/SMH, says green lobbyist Lynda Newnham

18/3/05...Ouch, ouch, ouch defo threat on Bad News for sham story thankyou!

18/3/05...Funny business in Federal Parly, transparency of email here [discusses curious timing of Lightfoot diversion controlled by News Ltd when Govt exposed big time on Deputy PM lie to Parliament]

17/3/05...News Ltd editor does Howard Govt a treat on Lightfoot diversion [re curious timing to save scrutiny of Deputy PM, as discussed at 18/3 and 22/3/05 above]

16/3/05...So called 'draft' (but really approval) conditions for Port Botany expansion, with introduction on the NSW framework of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Commission of Inquiry (CoI) process.

15/3/05...Strong opinion piece by Fairfax journalist on dodgy urban planning by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority affecting critical open space and waterways like Cooks Cove on Botany Bay.

8/3/05...No Nuke News by Dr Jim Green, super lefty academic, twice per month. Get your copy by email to with NNN-subscribe in the tag line.


24/2/05... $1 billion plantation asset realization: Latest dated few days previous, with govt preferring corporatisation 'of some sort'

21/2/05... flagship '4 Corners' ABC exposes Glencore's sinister control of Xtrata assets eg bid target WMC U-mine at Olympic Dam - 1/3 world's uranium

21/2/05...New Xstrata, Glencore links emerge: AAP via SMH

21/2/05...Xstrata's links tarnish WMC takeover deal: ABC news

18/1/05...Photo gallery: Deua, NSW south coast, logging survey early 2005.

18/2/05...proof nukes are a hopelessly insecure form of energy alternative in "Missing UK plutonium 'no cause for concern'": Reuters via ABC Radio News.

18/2/05...prominent MP Malcolm Turnbull, govt backbencher & "environmnetalist" to visit Styx forest Tas, defying Big Woodchipping lobby: AM/ABC

17/2/05...Australia, China in uranium sales negotiations: ABC Radio news

17/2/05... French govt nuke agency seeks new uranium mine in Kakadu world heritage park: SMH

16/2/05...ALP Opposition here says greenhouse up with nuke proliferation, terrorism for global security:

16/2/05...Australia may miss out on carbon trading benefits: ABC PM

16/2/05...Opposition claims real reason Howard Government won't sign Kyoto is a belief climate change is not human-induced: ABC PM

16/2/05... 2nd step after Kyoto re greenhouse needed already: ABC World Today

16/2/05... USA scientists slam biased W Bush administration on greenhouse and Kyoto treaty: ABC World Today

Feb 05...Botany Bay: No Port Enfield Community Group (NoPE) submission to 2nd hearings of Commission of Inquiry

16/2/05... Kyoto treaty today: big companies, nukes bugged by waste, cfc turn around precedent

16/2/05....Eden chipmill blockade with 9 arrests against woodchipping of native forest

15/2/05... Lake Cowal cyanide mine/Murray River Education school tour by funky activists [with pic]

15/2/ with conditions for $1 Billion public NSW plantation asset sale

14/2/05...Analysis of Glencore/Xstrata sordid history and bid for U-mine re Treasurer Costello's bid validation, by senior finance writer for News Ltd

14/2/05...SECRETS OF THE CITY - GUMBRAMORRA SWAMP THING kicks off this Saturday [cultural, ecological interpretation of inner west former swamp land]

14/2/05... link to 'Henry Thornton' indy web site running greenhouse sceptic's strange logic: 'if it's real, then the answer is nukes' [but only if you ask the wrong questions?]

14/2/05... Media power politics around Packer/9 chill on indy, on the upside 9's 60 Minutes do the right thing running Habib interview.

14/2/05... 1 million hectares land clearing in Qld 2001-2003 [as bad or worse to 2005?]. Latest satellite info on eco disaster, as per ABC's World Today

14/2/05...logger power politics returns to destroy the Amazon rainforest: NYT/Reuters via SMH

13/2/05... Japan marks Kyoto greenhouse protocol this Wed 16th Feb into force despite USA/Australia sabotage, copy event programme and source link here

12/2/05...NASA hits greenhouse sceptics out of the ball park, 9/2/05

12/2/05...useful explanation on greenhouse threat, graphic on countries: Guardian/S Peatling-SMH

12/2/05...Carr govt fails Gwydir wetlands, greenies legal appeal goes down

12/2/05...Costello assists corporate terrorist Glencore via Xtrata bid for U mine

11/2/05...ABC report: 'sordid' illegal Swiss link to Glencore undermines Xstrata's bid for WMC's Uranium mine at Olympic Dam [breaking news: Treasurer approves bid anyway?]

10/2/05...ABC story re FoE's Jim Green and national interest against WMC/Olympic Dam U-mine takeover by Xstrata

10/2/05...culture war continues here re PR media flurry over anti environmental PM Howard likely to be around until 2007

9/2/05... British Govt conference with Greenhouse science heavyweights is very very grim according to this article sourced to The Independent Feb 05

9/2/05...NSW Greens grim take on river ecology on the way out here

9/2/05... Weak decision by Carr govt likely soon on Brigalow Belt South Bioregion (BBSB) in north western NSW containing major high conservation value woodlands, in Sydney Morning Herald.

8/2/05...pollution plume huge threat to Botany Bay by 7.30 Report's Jonathan Harley re ICI/Orica site northern side Botany suburb.

8/2/05...Background to Shell failed bid for Woodside a precedent re Xtrata/WMC takeover concerns? [WMC owns Olympic Dam Uranium mine]

8/2/05...Science heavyweight warns of impending ecological disaster on ABC The World Today 2BL Radio

8/2/05...2005 Forests Forever Ecology Camp is ON! [dates are Good Friday 25th March to Easter Monday 28th March 2005]

8/2/05...Green Party in Werriwa ... show me the money! [discusses windfall election funding, quotes GParty announcement]

8/2/05 ...Westfield go down big time at Brisbane retail outlet [amplifies predatory corporation's legal loss 3rd Feb in Federal court]

6/2/05...7 African countries in Congo Basin forest conservation treaty: AP via SMH

5/2/05...Carr, Brogden Lib Labs dismal cash for policy game, democracy as public joke [nod to Green Party expose of donation patterns of two majors]

4/2/05...Green Party grim take on Brigalow South western woodland negotiation

4/2/05...Tanami artists working at Addison Gallery this weekend [with pic]

3/2/05...Staff at Bad News Ltd laugh in agreement at Outfoxed message in Holt St

3/2/05...Stockland sleaze exposed again via NSW Greens, good work [Sandon Point developer blocked in court gives cash for ALP govt policy?]

3/2/05...Golf courses as latest developer predatory trick on natural vegetation[? nod to Green Party expose]

3/2/05...Chaser, satirical indy, bites the dust in another Lathamesque bail, after [...recently sold off to a bigger, more conservative fish]

2/2/05...Abortion as cynical riposte to Lancet report on Iraq war slaughter [notes ultra Right using pro life policy figleaf to distract from slaughterous adventurism in Iraq]

1/2/05...Greens website important exposure of crony capitalism control of democracy in Australia, link here

1/2/05...Akerman, Henderson apologists for no WMD, 100K unnecessary deaths? [riposte to pro Howard/Bush columns in Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald today after positive tv images of the Iraq election]

1/2/05...New tv station hopes to rival SBS in Sydney [and hopefully add to indy media capacity here]

31/1/05... North Qld World Heritage Rainforest under threat of superhighway [alert from Kuranda Range Defenders]

30/1/05...New Opposition leader Beazley on Ch7 Sunrise as it happened, with copy email to new Opp leader from eas 2 days previous.

30/1/05...'Choking on bad air days' a re-run of summer 2001 in Sydney

29/1/05...Sleeping giant of McGunns backlash against corrupt woodchipper awakens, with link to high quality anti Gunns Ltd web site here

29/1/05... Reclaim the Streets carnival against car domination of society today 1pm in Camperdown Memorial park in Newtown

28/1/05...Freelancer in Nicole Kidman case was 'constructive employee' of Daily Telegraph

28/1/05...Ice Shelf Melting, grass growing in Antarctica: New York Times 25/1/05

27/1/05...PM Howard slinks off to Davos World Economic Forum, as his reputation unravels on Mamdou Habib return, Iraq war

27/1/05...Strong letter in NT News on Bush's USA drawing fire on Australia

27/1/05 ...Children Pay Cost of Iraq's Chaos: Washington Post [reprinting from 21 Nov 04], malnutrition twice level before invasion.

27/1/05 ...When the world said NO to war, great peace film festival [2nd Feb Chippendale]

26/1/05...'Howard shames proud Australia today, USA $400 billion cost in Iraq, 100K innocent lives lost' discusses environment and policy problems caused by Howard government, repudiates PM's nationalistic attacks on his critics as gross hypocrisy

24/1/05 .... Bad News Ltd: Revelations of callous behaviour by Piers Akerman, and boorish sports hack

22/1/05... South Coast big tree story in the Sydney Morning Herald airbrushes vandalistic context discussed in 'James Woodford PR job application with Carr govt?' [bad link: tampered with tba, asap]

21/1/05...Great web site exposing no/News, Limited News, choose your sledge

21/1/05...Media self justification for predatory behaviour is weak re Latham resignation: Latham was never 'alternative PM' status after Oct 9 loss, why MEAA is wrong

21/1/05...Beazley preferred by USA neo cons, as Bush reaches for global 'Rapture'?

21/1/05...Crikey breaks a Fox no/News travesty of media here in Oz - Vanity Fair contributing editor repudiates W Bush record on air over compere interference.

21/1/05...Liar News Bill ORielly exposed on USA web logs false military service?

21/1/05 ...Bush into transplanting 'fixed' democracy, qualified freedom, as per Chile precedent, theological repudiation by USA cleric

20/1/05...web based watchdog 'spinsanity' exposing PR industry says goodbye but still a web archive resource

20/1/05...Antony Green ABC psephologist: One Nation returning as part of Coalition voting block, ALP in trouble in WA?

20/1/05... outlines case against Macklin remaining ALP federal deputy leader

19/1/05...Janette Howard's medical PR gambit does a treat, questioning sympathetic coverage of wife as spotlight dwells too long on Latham?

18/1/05...Post mortem on Latham Opposition Leader resignation: Latham presser vaults the muckrakers with talent intact off good ship ALP?

18/1/05...Beazley, prolixity, spaghetti and meatballs on menu at Premier cafe

17/1/05... Beattie on AM/ABC corroborates Premiers did impact Federal election result [logic of Latham absence affecting State politics applies vice versa: re State ALP govt in NSW on Oct 9 election loss].

17/1/05... Mayor Clover Moore brag list quite good, extracts Clover E News, mitigating News Ltd smear campaign.

17/1/05...Close correlation [better] ABC tsnunami coverage and default to Latham Bash by News Ltd etc?

17/1/05 ....Bob's funny book launch, Beattie child protection form? [discussing State govt misleading on Sydney growth projections to ginger Port Botany expansion agenda, hypocrisy on sustainability book launch, Qld govt dodgy record on child protection echoes deficits of Beattie there].

16/1/05...Memo Carr/Beattie: Labour invented sick leave/remember Macklin? [criticising Premier campaign to remove forest friendly Latham]

16/1/05...Memo ABC's Catherine McGrath: good journalists are not players [explores boundary between fair reporting and generating pressure on forest friendly Latham to resign]

16/1/05...More pressing contemporary western guilt issues despite sensitivity of Holocaust [Israel's WMD and growing beyond grim chill of holocaust history in context of 20C slaughter, now 21C]

16/1/05...'Dead in the water': Worst headline in Australian media history? [by News Ltd re Latham leadership, despite tsnunami 150K deaths backdrop]

15/1/05...Yeah baby, its back to Beazley ..... scratched record time [noting power politiking favours Beazley to replace Latham][ as happened 3 days later]

15/1/05...Media advise Latham go back to work/let your kids drown [re media attacks on ALP leader for supervising children in hotel pool while on sick/annual leave]

15/1/05...strong statistics on 1/3 Sydney's water use threatening health of Shoalhaven: Peatling SMH

14/1/05...Tele menacing coverage of PM's Muslim prayer room socialising? [News Ltd photo distortion, implied cultural insults]

14/1/05...Media abuse re Latham fracas, this time breach home security protocols

14/1/05...Liar News Ltd bogus commitment to tsunami vicitms [leading with Brad/Jen actor split at height of the critical aftermath, hypocrisy criticising sick Latham delegation to Deputy]

13/1/05...Guyzo's Nature of Wood exhibition here in Sydney #1 of 3

13/1/05...cut Sydney water use by half says industry reform group, but Premier says no, with good links: AP via SMH

13/1/05...Mass media misogyny in the Latham leadership gambit [airbrushing Acting Leader Jenny Macklin with claims ALP is leaderless]

12/1/05...7 arrests in big anti woodchip protest in East Gippsland

12/1/05...Media, CIA and dirty power politics, a true ripping yarn from USA [and alleged cowardice by big media there]

12/1/05...Crikey gets an attack of the balances re Greens? [recognised as third force in politics here]

12/1/05...Will the Planning Minister repudiate misleading, deceptive public servant? [deceptive behaviour by DIPNR govt dept re Sydney Catchment Authority (CMA) consultation with community)

11/1/05...Mass media professional limits on tsunami default to the Latham bash

10/1/05...Howard's $1 billion coffee coloured guilt money....? [Iraq slaughter then huge humanitarian relief decision on tsunami]

9/1/05...Why did ABC tv news omit Jimmy Carter quote on Sharon?

8/1/05...Addsion Gallery does a controversial Benneton style promotion [with pic of billboard]

8/1/05...mystery of large developed ancient society in the Amazon rainforest, study the soil: Boston Globe via SMH

8/1/05...Gallery of Deua, NSW south-nature coast, logging still going on Dampier State Forest close to Moruya/Bodalla

26/12/04...Gallery Monga NSW south-nature coast post logging July 2001, conservation decision late 2004.




24/12/04...W Bush's great unravelling of environmental laws here with forests copping it this time: AP via SMH

24/12/05...Newmont mining in Indonesia accused again of mercury pollution: Bloomberg via SMH

21/12/04...Stockland goes down in Sandon Point litigation, Kooris get a good win {via ABC local radio report here]

19/12/04...More Akerman/News Ltd abuse of media power for prime miniature's mate, Gunns, big Tasmanian woodchipper of forests [with huge list of eminent scientists airbrushed by News Ltd as usual]

18/12/04...'Resource Security': a corrupt public policy to appease woodchippers like Gunns Ltd, reprint of 1991 policy brief by The Wilderness Society

17/12/04...Global warming, extreme weather to continue: UN

16/12/04 joins media reversal to Outfox News Ltd bully attacks on Clover Moore noting she exposed public cheap land selloff to News Ltd by Carr govt.

16/12/04...the metaphorical 2 fingers at Gunns Ltd SLAPP suit on Tas conservationists here in 'Mercury story today: talented musician sticks it to Gunns log truck'

16/12/04...Govt notice in SMH today advises intense logging still for South Coast ... 'just not for charcoal'

10/11/04...You can no longer fish from the ONLY jetty on north Botany Bay, as from November 2004

The late 2004 Oxfam/Community Aid Abroad global Mining Ombudman Report by Ingrid Macdonald is excellent yet dismal, as reported in Big Issue #1 November 2004

25/9/04... A description of intimidation, dirty tricks, even thuggery against the NHJ campaign in the heart of PM Howard's electorate

21/9/04...ABC Earthbeat ventillates real scientitic consensus for Tas forest protection with text of scientists' letter and huge signatory list

15/3/04...The dirty Lake Cowal cyanide gold mine trust terms discussed here in 'Lake Cowal and real politik of mining decisions under Carr govt'

29/2/04... Misleading praise - by ACF peak green group - for Carr Govt on the latter's theoretical brake on land clearing is rejected with figures to back up critique

25/10/03... Earthbeat legal interview shows Carr land clearing laws are quite bogus

14/9/03 - ABC Background Briefing: Bulldozers, Trees, and Making a Quid

21/9/03... accountability challenge for peak NSW green groups in the Carr govt loop

May 2003...Federal government secret key report on disastrous state of biodiversity in Australia leaked to public and media.

1999-2005.....Schools forest web site from Western Australian Forest Alliance

March 2003...JATAN exposes alarming rise in Indonesian logging

19/3/2003...NSW government 'Big Logging List' giving background to the Bob Carr/ALP government real forest performance in the lead up state election in March 2003.

17/3/2003...Noel Plumb/SEFA media statement on Minister Debus decision to ban charcoal from native forest pre March 22 election vote

March 2003...campaign form letter to close out govt revival of the charcoal scheme

10/3/2003...Australian Silicon to the Australian Stock Exchange Decision to Suspend Work on Bankable Feasibility Stud

9/3/2003...woodchips from our forests a miserable $51 a tonne to Japan

6/3/2003... green campaign turns up the election pressure on Carr ALP via SEFA media release here

2/3/2003... Carr ALP electoral play for green vote in NE NSW for marginals there and Sydney evidenced by NEFA report here of 65,000 ha protection decision

26/2/2003...Protesters 'block woodchip ship' at Eden

19/1/03 ...Professor Stromborg's airbrushing of ecological mayhem with lies, damn lies and statistics

2003 onward, web link to local forest protection campaign at Lucaston, Tasmania, also threatened by Gunns Ltd bogus libel case

2003?...Office Supply Superstore Staples Inc. Agrees to Historic Endangered Forest and Recycling Policy

7/1/03...Indonesia: Paper Industry Threatens Human Rights, Donors Urged to Act at Bali Conference

April 2002...East Gippsland opinion poll on attitudes towards logging, of general significance for regional Australia

17/2/2000 ...Plantation based economics of the current logging industry in NSW

30/1/99...The REAL Carr govt on forest protection and destruction, prelude to 1999 election (Carr dodges 1995-99)

27/3/98...Visy pulpmill Commission of Inquiry for the NSW Planning Minister based on exotic plantations in the local region.

14/12/ release for Australia's Forest Protection Petition supported by millions

December 1998 to present....Australia's Forest Protection Petition


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