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East Gippsland Forest Forever Fest photo gallery March 2005

9 Mar 2006: Blast from the past, Sid Walker former Executive Officer NSW Nature Conservation Council 1990-1995 on Carr's broken 'ban on woodchipping' promise.

This photo essay follows roughly the chronology of my trip, from arrival at Forests Forever location, to camp, massive trees, people. A great time. This was the 25th annual event.

I enjoyed
- the minestrone made by the saintly Jill Redwood,
- got a swag of great images,
- scientist David Cameron was a revelation of encyclopaedic info,
- funny slide of Ian Cohen now MP with full head of hair, another sad one of one log filling up a timber jinker,
- rather gorgeous array of people and reparte,
- even more gorgeous ferns as tall as your ceiling,
- topsoil as bouncy as a trampoline,
- breathing air like a few drink grange hermitage,
- irradescent glows of verdant lichen, algae, fungae and
- the odd 10 metre girth of brown barrel E fastigata, shining and mesmate complete with GPS coordinates.
Swam in the Broadrib, saw a startled fawn actually a young scientist from Wollongong on the bank in the early morning sun, twisted my ankle and drank my beer. Made my delivery and affirmed the vocation again from all those days ago as a student in an obscure lecture hall at ANU. May it always be so.

The pictures in the original web format started off in the early twilight, and slowly brighten up with the day and the intoxicating fresh air. The format below still roughly follows that pattern from top to bottom, left to right.

Tom McLoughlin, photographer principal of ecology action sydney
Donation of items to Environment East Gippsland via council throwouts here in Sydney on this trip:

- three ring gas cooker, bottle and connection
- two new pairs black leather shoes
- ream A3 paper
- 4 doonas/blankets
- 8 pairs denim jeans
- other assorted clothes
- 3 toasters, sandwich maker, cordless kettle



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