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17/3/2003 statement Noel Plumb, campaign organiser in Sydney

From: "Noel Plumb"
To: "..forest list national"
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 15:57:12 +1100

Dear Friends and Supporters

Please see below SEFA's media release in response to the Carr Government's announcement today that charcoal production in NSW would not be allowed from native forest timber.

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to many who worked so hard to stop this massive threat to our forests, especially the all volunteer teams from Charcoal Busters and the ACF Forest Campaign Group, and to all our supporters who wrote, called, emailed and otherwise told the politicians how they felt.

sincerely yours

Noel Plumb
South East Forest Alliance
Charcoal Busters
8800 8303


South East Forest Alliance

MEDIA RELEASE 17 March 2003


The South East Forest Alliance today welcomed the announcement by the Carr Government that NSW will not allow the production of charcoal from native forest timber

'This threat to forests, catchments and communities has finally been laid to rest after a bitter 3 year campaign by conservationists and the successive communities threatened by a charcoal plant and its associated intensive logging operations,' said spokespersons for the Alliance.

'This decision by the Government is very important as it closes the door on a massive expansion of woodchip type operations in NSW forests.'

'There is enormous relief at the decision, particularly on the South Coast which fought the longest and hardest campaign to defeat a charcoal plant after conservationists and communities in Dubbo and Gunnedah beat off the archaic proposals in 1999 and 2000.'

'The decision is a blow to the credibility of NSW State Forests and a logging industry that has consistently sought to increase intensive industrial logging, and woodchipping, with proposals such as the charcoal plant and wood fired stations.'

'The industry has sought these intense, high volume, low value woodchip type operations to prop up failing native forest sawlog operations that cannot compete with competition from plantation supplies.'

The decision also keeps alive the possibility of a transition from native forests to plantations, the only solution to the continuing conflict in the forests.'

Plantations is where modern, intensive, industrial logging for woodchips or for sawlogs rightly belongs, and the public agrees. Without such a transition we will continue to have to fight off new woodchip proposals from an irresponsible industry and its Government ally, State Forests.'

'SEFA groups will continue to fight for the protection of remaining conservation icons in the southern forests and an end to woodchipping as promised by Premier Carr in 1995.'

'Intensive logging operations on the South Coast are still targeting unprotected old growth and wilderness as well as key wildlife links and the catchments of sensitive coastal lakes.'

Further comment:-

Noel Plumb SEFA Convenor 0425 23 83 03
Dean Jackson Charcoal Busters 4471 5568
John Perkins Friends of Durras 4478 6048

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