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Feb 2003 - campaign form letter to close out govt revival of the charcoal scheme

[The following is a form letter of which over 2,000 have been collected in recent weeks including several hundred outside Governor Maquarie Tower in Sydney - the home of the NSW government and Premier's office.]

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The Hon. Bob CarrPremier of NSW

Dear Mr Carr,

Although Australian Silicon has presently withdrawn its proposal to build a charcoal plant at Mogo near Batemans Bay on the South Coast, I am still extremely worried that a charcoal plant and the associated massive logging of forests could still occur either on the South Coast or elsewhere in NSW.

The Victorian Premier has banned the burning of native forest wood for charcoal. Will you do the same in NSW?

I do not believe that the charcoal timber will come from so called logging waste this is the big lie that has driven massive woodchip devastation around Australia for the last thirty years, beginning with the South East Forests woodchip operations which continue to devastate forests for hundreds of kilometres around Eden.

The South Coast forests protect the most magnificent stretches of coastline in NSW. They guard fragile coastal ecosystems, which support exceptional levels of biodiversity and superb coastal lakes, including Swan Lake, Termeil Lake, and Lake Durras. They protect water catchments and many threatened species of plants and animals, including the Koala, Sooty Owl, Tiger Quoll and Golden-tipped Bat.

A charcoal plant with its massive smokestacks, associated woodchip operations and heavy trucking movements will devastate this landscape. It will also severely affect local communities and the nature based regional tourism industry that supports them.

The logging industry must be moved out of our forests and into plantations where they belong.

You have not met your 1995 election promises to save the forests and stop woodchipping.

I will not vote at the next election for any party or candidate who does not completely oppose

- making charcoal from native forests
- a charcoal plant on the South Coast
- continued woodchipping

Yours sincerely

Return to Charcoal Busters (a member of the South East Forest Alliance) PO Box 2088 Boronia Park NSW 2111

YES I would like to further help stop the charcoal plant and save the South Coast forests (please tick .)

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DONATION we need your financial help to stop the charcoal and woodchip operations
YES please find my donation of $ herewith.
Please make cheques payable to CB Charcoal Fighting Fund.

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