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26/2/2003...Protesters 'block woodchip ship' at Eden


STOP PRESS! Protesters 'block woodchip ship'

February 26, 2003

SEVEN protesters have clung to the side of a cargo ship carrying 30,000 tonnes of woodchips, blocking its departure from Eden on the NSW south coast, according to The NSW Greens.

They said three protesters were taken away by police and rescue teams had attempted to remove the remaining four from the bow and ladders of the boat.

The Keisho Maru, owned by shipping company Harris Daishowa, was due to leave Eden at 6.30am (AEDT) today but remained docked at Twofold Bay.

It is understood it was heading to Japan.
Tripods were also erected along a road to prevent further deliveries of woodchips from being deposited on board.
Greens MLC Ian Cohen said Premier Bob Carr made a commitment in 2000 to end the export of woodchips.

"In 2001 Harris Daishowa took more than 760,000 tonnes of woodchips from the forests of the south-east along for export," Mr Cohen said.
Mr Cohen also said the shipping company had stated its desire to not take woodchips from old growth forests, instead preferring young wood.

"The community doesn't want this and Harris Daishowa don't want this, so why isn't the Premier acting to end the destruction of icons such as Deua and Baja state forests?"
The Wilderness Society's Felicity Wade echoed the call.
"It is government policy that is forcing the continued destruction of native forests, including old growth on the south coast," she said.

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