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Here is this background to the murder in 1995 of writer and international Goldman environmental prize winner, Ken Saro Wiwa, and 9 campaign colleagues, at the hands of the Nigerian State, who are the business partner of Shell Oil there. The World's civil society groups were outraged at the state sponsored murder and hold Shell accountable for using its govt business partner as criminal thug and shield from local and growing democratic criticism of very extensive oil pollution causing widespread misery and death in the Niger Delta.

The crimes of Shell in the Niger Delta, Nigeria from the pages of Green Left Weekly 1997

back up link to the same excellent summary

The founder of ecology action remembers the global disgust at the time both before and after the political thuggery and resolved to make a difference to Shell's profile here and abroad to raise accountability of this rogue amongst many rogue multinationals.

Some useful links of other global activist organisations who reacted in the same way follow, and below that primary campaign materials for Australia, including:

- an interview with a Nigerian refugee with direct lessons for Australia as to predatory nature of Shell who unsuccessfully tried to take over Woodside Petroleum here, Australia's largest oil and gas producer based in north west Western Australia;

- lengthy submission to a Parliamentary Inquiry in NSW by our founder into Shell's quite alarming oil spill in Sydney Harbour in 1999, which is a pattern for Shell elsewhere

Report from legendary USA journal Mother Jones on Boycott Shell campaign

Ken Saro-wiwa's son, also Ken, picks up his father's baton for the Ogoni, and Niger Delta

Greenpeace International archive report of this 'senseless' tragedy

Goldman Environment Prize official profile of winner Ken Saro-Wiwa: "Lord take my soul but the struggle continues"

Ecology action contribution to global expose' of Shell Hell

23/4/01....Comment by ecology action founder on Treasurer Costello rejection of Shell bid for Woodside ... "Shell's every move across the Planet is haunted by Ken Saro-Wiwa's ghost."

23/4/2001...Treasurer Costello formally rejects Shell bid for Woodside "in the national interest

April 2001...Ian Kortlang Shell PR operative on Woodside bid: The treacherous Australian?

16/3/2001 - News release Woodside take-over: Nigerian refugee tells 'Shell's domination of industry, puppeteering of govt, rampant pollution, political murders'

6/1/2001...Shell bid for Woodside: Letter to editor - 'Not a fit and proper corporate citizen'


2/2000...Sydney Harbour oil spill by Shell ship transport contractor, indicative of rogue multinational, Submission to NSW Parliamentary Inquiry

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