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Thursday, 4 October 2007
Chief scientist Peacock nukes environment with dioxin factory pulp mill near Launceston
Mood:  down
Topic: ecology

So Malcolm Turnbull thinks he's threaded the needle with this pulp mill "belt and braces" pollution control decision endorsed by Big Jim Peacock the govt trusty 'chief scientist', as reported here in the Herald big meeja

Green light for mill

DYLAN WELCH 3:11pm | Turnbull gives Tasmanian pulp mill the go-ahead - and Garrett agrees.

Certainly the smarties in the gallery are impressed, and the nightly news bulletins are heaping credibility on clever Malcolm the 'Environment Minister', perhaps not realising like most politicians that clever is just another word for loathesome smart arse in the eyes of the vast majority of anti pulp mill voters. Which just happen to be the majority of Tasmanians, Australians, and voters in Wentworth in 'clever' Mal's own electorate.

It's all about the scientific advice says Mal. Only speaking as a science graduate myself this is the same expert adviser Jim Peacock who barracks for a nuke reactor in every city ignoring duel use weapons proliferation agenda and waste and terrorism. Just incredible: PM - Scientists call for action on climate change. Dated 3rd October 2007 yet other scientists say ....

not to mention Prof Ian Lowe of ACF also anti nuke.

But don't expect such insight from the Canberra Press Gallery, or indeed our political dunderhead 'leaders'. This is how they are reporting it:
Barry Cassidy on ABC 702 gave Turnbull a rap in effect for neutralising this issue as preface to Insiders on abc radio earlier this arvo by analysing it entirely within the two party framework with the ALP aligned. Says the science has now spoken - as if.
Friday, October 5, 2007

Mal Farr of the Daily Telegraph on journo forum 30 minutes later same channel echoes Cassidy. Doogue is surprised no deal done with John Gay to move it, David Marr waffles on about pity for Turnbull's predicament, marginal gay Wentworth blah blah. Nothing like the predicament of the ecosystem yer think?

Laurie Oakes on 9 similarly notes lack of contest from the ALP with Garrett transformation from "activist to mainstream politician complete". Good footage of Bondi beach protest banner. Lead story too. Garrett looked really lame grinning bean pole, brazen, totally compromised, marionet, camera dwelled on him twice.

Mark Riley 7 does a competent package but only 4th in the line up after localised focus on other traumatic stories chasing the superficial ratings rather than long term weight.

SBS Karen Middleton, 2nd lead story, quite a bit of Geof Cousins all day saying Turnbull was gutless for "squibing it" when he could have been a hero, and the fight goes on 'with plenty more to happen yet' like the Franklin River in 1982-3. (Historically accurate, stopped a year after approval.) SBS very good on narrow aspect of the scientific advice of the 'chief scientist' wanker.

Lead story abc tv 7 pm news.

Turnbull has flattering interview with Kerry Obrien on 7.30 just now. "Belt and braces" to the pollution controls and monitoring. But its still a disaster for forests and greenhouse and a bloody disgrace: Democracy is broken folks, vast majority don't want it and it gets approved with both major parties supporting it.

Here are some prime quotes:

200K ha per year logged, quote Senator Nettle

4M tonnes a year mostly native forest, quote Geof Law TWS on World Today: 'Turnbull announces Tasmanian pulp mill go ahead'                   TRANSCRIPT          

10M tonnes a year greenbouse gas impact, quote Senator Bob Brown.

This writer spent the middle of the day casing Turnbull campaign office next to Bar Colluzi in Victoria Rd Darlinghurst (nothing on street level). Also Greenpeace anti logging images on exhibition at Redfern rail workshops called Carriageworks:


We also picked up the last two weeks of Wentworth Courier from the Bondi Junction office (now News Ltd owned) after Trioli on ABC 702 interviewed their editor at about 9.15 am. 3rd Oct 07, who says 'the issue will definitely kick on'.



Sad stuff. Never been a better time to promote the 'woodchipping sux' message outside supermarkets in the Wentworth electorate.


Posted by editor at 10:11 PM NZT
Updated: Friday, 5 October 2007 10:01 AM NZT

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