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Saturday, 15 December 2007
Tim Blair, Tele opinion editor, baits victorious Left with implied anti semitism smear
Mood:  sad
Topic: big media

As a preface to such a sensitive topic we note a profound belief that there are many, many lovable Arabic and Jewish folks in the world, no doubt, both here in Australia, world wide and in the Middle East.

That being said:

What does a right wing Howard screamer like Blair do when he's got nothing left to win an argument with? Not an election result. Not a PM patron. Not a shred of scientific credibility on dangerous climate change. Iraq war tragedy? Nope.

Well today we know - Tim Blair goes the low rent smear conflating the disturbing consequences of Zionist Extremism based on theorcratic arrogance, as distinct from WW2 imperatives, with emotional blackmail about alleged left wing racist global Jewish conspiracies: Here it is

Tim Blair: My trip to the heart of Jewness

As always the cunning of 'News' (maybe) 'Limited' (so apt) shriekers is a grain of truth to his smear. At the far reaches of the Left and of the Right the tail of the snake touches the mouth as the political spectrum actually does a twirl on itself, like one of those lectures on the space time continuum (where space is a sheet of paper and then folded on itself front to end).

Recently we wrote to a contact who has been drawn into the Sept 11 "truth movement" as follows, and we feel this is instructive to the Green and Left movements having actually been elected for 4 years in a significantly Jewish part of Sydney 1995 to 1999 where we needed to find our own moral equilibrium in such a comunity:

Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 8:12 AM
Subject: unconvinced so far, tease out a few things here Re: Reply to yours

... Your views about a false flag operation are noted. But I'm not convinced on my limited information. Yeah know about King David Hotel and the ultra violent MO of Zionism. I also am vaguely aware that the middle east people allied to the Nazis at some stage in the 2nd WW for geo politic positioning. This especially is a critical aspect of the fall out to hold onto.
So my overall view about the situation in the middle east is tens of millions died world wide, mostly russians and the world's borders changed for a reason. Winners and losers. The right winners. The right losers as regards Nazism.There was always going to be a redefinition post WW2 huge disruption. Regardless of 2000 years plus of history. Even 4000 years.
That being said little people should not suffer pre emptory eviction in hundreds of thousands, and theocratic/racist states are bound to tend toward fascism. My feeling is Israel acts out as a nation the holocaust on itself in perverse and fearful ways. Bullied becomes the bully. Nothing new under the sun.
Back to false flag views - Those planes just taking off with excess fuel can melt steel like butter. I've seen a petrol tanker 50% vapourised. I'm no engineer but I wonder because never in history has two planes done that ever, thus common sense tells me unexpected consequences. Like the chain reaction of a 1,500 degree celsius fire, with steel girders like logs of wood.
Secondly as best I can tell Osama and his folks pretty much take credit for the attack on 'The Great Devil'. Maybe not direct credit. I'm not sure. But pretty keen. I don't think it's wise to be too naive about engineer Osama. I was in a youth Hostel in an obscure part of Ireland 5 years back and Muslim prayer group was there on a retreat. I was with a girlfriend. I had a friendly chat with the mufti and he said "but you are married?" given we were in the same room, asking twice. He was happy to talk to a curious accent Aussie but he made it very clear there was only one acceptable answer. I told him "yes". It was a lie he felt quite comfortable with because he wanted to like me. I have no regrets lying. ...
The point is our religious friend had intolerant fascist tendencies, not so different to extremist Christians. I always take people as I find them, any colour race or creed. I found that particular cultural view impertinent and stupid. If you do a mind experiment and extrapolate it leads to many possibilites.
As Christian Kerr in his right wing attitude prods me and others, the Islamofascist would kill us off as soon as their main enemies if it was practical or convenient. Remember those pleas of the sisterhood late 90ies 2000 pre WTC to save the sisters under the heel of the Taliban fascists. I don't agree with Kerr on many things but he's got a point. A serious point. Extremism. It's ugly and unacceptable both Right and Left.
Anyay there's my analysis, 15 years in the media analysis business. I was working as a night shift reader analyst for Media Monitors that night Sept 11 01, but it wasn't until next [24 hour] cycle the Fin Review ran front page the jumpers. A shocking editorial choice but a good one because it was their financial people jumping.
Even so, far more die everyday elsewhere. As Sean Penn says the absence of the WTC let light in. Pretty profound and disturbing comment that.
Cheers Tom (editor!)
PS As to the bright worthy writers on the middle east, thanks but too little time. My strategic view is its a whirlpool of confusion like most violent neurosis that sucks the energy of everyone dry. Also its not my fight not being of the relevant ethnicity. But I take a definite interest out of common humanity and secondly the nukes mean 'we and our environment all live in the middle east'. Re read violent neurosis comment again. It's like .... a self sustaining unhealthy catch 22: The fighters are psychologically too damaged to see beyond the tit for tat. Gandhi was right.
Earlier I had written of a secular Jewish academic and human rights campaigner by the name of Uri Davis in Wikipedia here. Uri Davis pretty much demolishes the ignorance of such as Tim Blair here:
Uri Davis - Against Israeli Apartheid - for Freedom and Justice in ...
How does Tim Blair actually deal with the Israel as Aparthied state thesis? Israel apparently has no written constitution upon which a fair and objective land law could be developed. This is Uri Davis's big point.
Assuming its true which we do, then Blair's attack falls in a great heap. It may well be that Blair is the racist by airbrushing the humanitarian claims of millions of Arabic people when advocating for a safe homeland for Jewry post WW2.

Posted by editor at 8:43 AM EADT
Updated: Saturday, 15 December 2007 10:10 AM EADT

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