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Thursday, 24 January 2008
Adam Spencer plays the comic on abc website
Mood:  happy
Topic: big media

This direct quote below is very funny, and not what you expect on the website for Aunty's main station in Australia's biggest city:

About Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer

702 Breakfast Presenter Adam Spencer's early years are shrouded in mystery.

He was discovered by the famed British explorer and spice trader Spencer Barrington living with Ethiopian wolves (also known as simien foxes or by their scientific name Canis simensis) in the lower reaches of the Afro Alpine Mountains in the early 1870's.

Barrington took the wolf-child, who at this stage walked on all fours, spoke only in deep howls and hunted at night, and returned him to England where he toured with various circuses and public science fairs - all the while Barrington submitted his specimen for analysis by the finest minds of the day.

One journal entry at the time, by a certain Lord Palmerston of Cheshire reads "This crazy wolf-child, hands taut like claws, his back arched and ready to spring, baying and devil-eyed, still, in a bizarre way, emanated a certain humanity - as if speaking to us all as to how thin the line between noble man and savage beast could be".

After several years of constant immersion in the human world, and with absolutely no contact with his wolf brothers and sisters, "Adam" as he had become known (from the Hebrew name meaning "Man of red earth" to indicate his African origins) began to display increasingly human characteristics - by what was estimated to be his tenth birthday he was walking upright.

Adam continues to amaze anthropologists and primatologists alike with his increasing adaptation to western society - with the exception of his limited command of the English language and a fear of modern hygiene regimes he can virtually pass as a regular citizen.

We hope you enjoy breakfast with Adam Barrington Spencer on 702

 Or, you can also read Adam's fantasy bio.

Now if only we could get a podcast of his broadcasts to see the interviews we missed this last 2 days that would be even better. The levity sort of suggests Spencer is not too concerned about the serious news or indeed influencing same with high level journalism, and that's not to say he can't deliver on that either. Is this best service by Aunty's loyal servant? It probably cranks the ratings, while others might prefer it simply sets the standards, which can be a tension.

Posted by editor at 8:31 PM EADT
Updated: Thursday, 24 January 2008 8:55 PM EADT

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