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Sunday, 18 January 2009
Acting PM Olmert announces ruthless Israeli unilateral ceasefire in '2hours 20 min' with ongoing tight blockade
Topic: world

The unilateral ceasefire reveals the utter cynicism of Big Israeli politics. To breach the ceasefire in early November 2008 after maintaining a crippling blockade for 4 months despite unprecedented reduction in rocket or mortar fire by a very disciplined Hamas to virtually zero.

Then with the inevitable ineffective rocket fire in retaliation by Hamas, the might of the full IDF slaughtering over 1000, hundred of children and 5000 injured.

Empty words about "not hating" the Palestinian children and blaming Hamas. "You're suffering is unbearable" this incredible hypocrite has just in the presser as we write.

The fact the ceasefire does not even include Hamas as a party shows Israel keeps a free hand and that it also maintains the continued blockade at the Israel border, and to the ocean, from passage to the West Bank or economic activity. Humanitarian supplies can enter via Eqypt no doubt but that also has a subtext.

As the Israeli and Al Jazeera commentators have said the Ultra Right coalitionists in the Israeli election and government seek Palestine and Gaza to be absorbed into Egypt. That is to destroy the two state solution and appease the right wingers in the coalition politics of Israel.

While taking questions Olmert's hypocrisy is underlined by thanking Cond Rice who he crunched by preventing a USA vote a week ago for a ceasefire in the UN Security Council. His empty words 'reaching out' to the people of Gaza "unjustly affected" are shocking from a deposed PM facing corruption allegations forced into an Acting PM role. For instance Haaretz (and Al Jazeera) reports this Israeli tv personality doctor with fluent Hebrew whose 3 daughters and neice were killed during live audio on Israeli television. The Israeli journalist taking the phone call is followed by the camera using his contacts successfully to get an ambulance for the wounded breaching the IDF blockade as an exception.

Israeli-trained Gaza doctor loses three daughters and niece to IDF ...17 Jan 2009

I want to know why my daughters were harmed. This should haunt (Israeli Ehud Prime Minister) Olmert his entire life," Abu al-Aish said on Israel's Channel 10, speaking through a cell phone in Hebrew as he has throughout the war.

He added that his daughters were "armed only with love."

Gazan officials identified Al-Aish's deceased daughters as 22-year-old Bisan, 15-year-old Mayer and 14-year old Aya. His niece was identified as 14-year-old Nour Abu al-Aish.

At least two other daughters were injured, and are currently being treated at Tel Ha-Shomer Hospital in Tel Aviv.

The press conference at Tel Ha-Shomer became tense at one moment when an Israeli woman and mother of three IDF paratroopers began yelling at Abu al-Aish, demanding that he explain why there was weaponry in the house.

Throughout the war, Abu al-Aish had put a face on the Palestinian suffering, making regular reports by cell phone to Israel's Channel 10. He is a rarity among Palestinians, a Hebrew-speaker who trained in two Israeli hospitals - the Soroka hospital in Beersheba just 18 miles from Gaza, and Tel Aviv's Tel Hashomer hospital.

His tragedy prompted numerous calls of concern to the station, many from
people who know him.

"We all know and love him well at Soroka, and we really hope the situation gets better," Dr. Shaul Sofer, head of the ER at Soroka who taught Abu al-Aish.

He also quotes President Bush and so called 2 state solution which has gone nowhere for the 8 years of the Bush Regime, with no mention of incoming president Obama.

The invisible person at the press conference? Yigal Amir murderer of Israeli prime minister Yitzak Rabin, symbolising the illegal Israeli Squatter movement running in the Feb 2009 election, unlike any Israeli Arabic Parties who have been outlawed only days ago from the so called "liberal democracy":


Posted by editor at 8:02 AM EADT
Updated: Sunday, 18 January 2009 9:37 AM EADT

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