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Sunday, 19 April 2009
Sunday political talkies: Lazy Australian institutions squib worldwide refugee chore?
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Author’s general introductory note


This is not a well packaged story. It’s a contemporaneous traverse of the Sunday television free to air political talkies indicating the agenda of Establishment interests: Better to know ones rivals and allies  in Big Politics and Big Media.



For actual transcripts and/or video feeds go to the programme web sites quoted including Riley Diary on 7. And note transcripts don’t really give you the image content value.



Other sources of pollie talkies on Sunday include SkyNews paytv Sunday Agenda, Radio National Monica Attard Sunday Profile show. And of course Sunday night shows SBS Dateline, Sixty Minutes and now Sunday Tonight on 7.  

 Media backgrounders  

Preface – been off the coal face relocating all week. Big job, hardly seen any press or crikey ezine. 

* Amazing that in Australia the PR opportunity is being lost by treating Afghan refugees well here to wrongfoot the Taliban in Afghanistan/Pakistan over human rights, women doctors here and western standards of education and medicine. That's the main game, not appeasing redneck One Nation style voters, as US President ramps up commitment in that war torn country.

* On the domestic front this SAM site only has about an hour a day on the web via petrol generator. Still negotiating with Integral Energy for mains supply at reasonable cost. On the upside we have worked out how to make toast on a gas flame, where to dig the composting toilet, how to get a broken pathetic 6 element tv aerial to work (no SBS so far).  

* Super Obama seeks to make peace with the leadership of 250M Latin America. Given the atrocious history of the USA there over 50 years it’s a breath of fresh air and fascinating imagery of set piece speech about ‘the future’. Indeed.  

* Briefing by Rural Fire Service on fire prevention issues in the district with plenty of reference to Victorian disaster. Moderate to poor turnout in area of serious risk. That’s a worry. Only 20K active members not 60K as per official PR of the RFS - a well informed source. Usual quiet sledging of parks and conservation zones but with no heart for a political debate. Fire in the area as early as Sept. That’s less than 4 months to clear asset protection zone, approved pile burns etc.


10 Meet the Press:  8- 8-30 am


Paul Bongiorno back in the chair. Intro re Senate inquiry on climate change. Guest is Penny Wong. Paul Howes another union automaton hiding behind immigration policy for ‘Labor’ moral values.


Press roundup – Sunday Mail in Brisbane PM Rudd’s home town – big subsidy to Indonesia enforcement re people smuggling, other topics around the country.


Minister Wong, childless union automaton, wheeled out on people smuggling atmospherics for soft left? Also selling a crock on climate change.


Out take humour is Peter Dutton refers to Rudd as Dame Edna shape changer of some kind.


Panel is Mal Farr News Corp Sydney Telegraph, also Marian Wilkinson SMH, good question on coal power stations only with ‘clean coal’? dodged the answer. Good value, smart.


Footage of Ross Garnaut economic expert hedging on Govt climate change policy.


Humour out take #2, Swan sleding Turnbull on something. But can’t beat the truly weird Hogsbreath Café pom pom girls.


Howes, strong speaking voice, takes soft left line on refugees. Admits long time since official refugee lobbyist. Talks up perspective issue here which is strong. Immigration is a net positive for the country.


Claims jobs will be the main concern of the next election. [A lot of jobs from climate change issues in megafire? In security? In national water infrastructure?] Argues steel critical to renewables energy sector. Water tanks from ethylene.


Sledges Greens and says safe Labor seats like Throsby, one in Gladstone will be lost if Greens policy is implemented.


Meet The Press - Watch Political Video Online - Channel TEN.



Riley Diary 7, from 8.30am


 No show at usual time, extended Easter break for his kids perhaps. Supplementing with story about Twitter ‘king’ (?)





9 Sunday newshour Laurie Oakes interview 8.40 am 

Deputy PM Gillard is the talent.


Q. info on new boat? Answer being not commenting on operational matter.


Oakes says he defended the govt on first boat explosion cause. 4 days later what is the cause of the explosion. Ans. Police forensics still underway.


Q on defense and border control, sounding like an excuse and suppression of information.


Gillard ‘surprised’ in quiet tones. Oakes true Howard rushed out with wrong information on children overboard, but Navy knew within hours. JG – disagrees with premise, plays dead bat. Police has carriage of this.


2nd boat risk of repeat without conclusive information at Ashmore Reef. JG again dead bat.


LO falls into ‘Ms Gillard’ increasingly chilly, “seen some politicians beat around the bush”. JG hitting the wall, the famous LO growl is barely contained but as female pollie knows it will be a bad look on him perhaps. Says scandal if Defence don’t know what caused the explosion after 3 days.


End of the love affair for LO with Rudd Govt?


JG sticks hard to dead bat, not beating up. Howard Coalition never trusted after kids overhoard affair so being responsible.


Hard question on mistake to abolish temporary protection visas. About striking a balance and decency.


Re press story today JG says increased funding to $40M for Indonesian re people smuggling. Already budgeted.


Another press story re schools expenditure -





Insiders 2: 9- 10am


Lead in on people smugglers etc re PM Rudd demonizing people smugglers.


Intro by Cassidy policy of Rudd govt closed mandatory detention,


Sunday press KAWalsh Fairfax,


David Marr theory from SMH security writers that threat if towed back to Indonesia will blow up, splashed petrol around, ignited accidentally.


DM ‘Awful line about softening had not got through’


Guest is Chris Evans Minister Immigration operational status on new boat. High alert.


-         Not received AFP advice of extra boats likely, not received by him. Not aware of it.

-         CE declines to say zero security risks from boat arrivals over the decades  but point made by BC very low as per ASIO assessments.

-         Calls refugees “unlawful arrivals” [which is a bad mistake in terminology and false description with 90% found proven refugee]

-         Puts in perspective of 15K into Italy etc etc. World wide issue due to conflicts.


‘Your shout’ section – JJJ compere about alcopops tax at Easter show, metaphor herding cats at cat pavilion. [Cat people are weird anyway, all probably carry toxoplasmosis?] Voices suggest revenue raiser. Not effective tax.


NBN a good thing, too much expense says one.


Panel on refugee policy –


KAW says Evans not believable on denials of AFP advice.


Akerman says there is a pull factor via abolish tpv, get more boats, more risk of accidents.


Marr confronts many of the myths. BC asks critically was SIEV X deaths [300 or more deaths?] the fault of the Howard Coalition if this latest tragedy was caused by the Rudd Govt.


Marr quotes UNHCR in Australia re Opposition strongest signal of soft policy actually misdescribing the actual policy. Footage of Turnbull says as much.


[missed 3 minutes here]


Continued – refer show website.




Inside Business with Alan Kohler


Refer http://www.abc.net.au/insidebusiness/


Posted by editor at 11:54 AM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 19 April 2009 12:15 PM NZT

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