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Monday, 18 January 2010
CBC + St Anns, now Emmanuel, class of 1981 Reunion in Warrnambool
Mood:  lyrical
Topic: local news

Picture: People don't walk to the airport anymore, if ever. Pity really as they miss urban landscapes like this with Sydney CBD in the far distance.


Text of email to reunion organisers Kerrie Sobey and Felicity Clancy (nee King) based in Warrnambool Victoria with this great beach here:


Sent: Saturday, January 16, 2010 2:17 PM
Subject: some pics/info for you about reunion

Special thanks Kerrie and Felicity for all your organising and especially Felicity and family for hospitality. What a great way to visit the 'Bool. Say hello to Peter and children young and not so young again for me too.


After breaking the anxious ice at the hotel Friday night before (and wasn't the place humming with the re-union event and locals more generally), the dinner was fascinating, surprising, shocking. Well worth the trip.
So many the same but so different as well.


The possible paths we all might have taken. Some for better or worse. Great to see many achieving so much with family and career. Quite moving really. Was really pleased to meet up with St Ann class mates in first year of Coed experiment, now the rule.


Here is an email I found for Terry Mugavin. He may be interested in this compilation pic lifted from the DVD copy you provided to all there:
Terry showing early form top right. Those who know know!


Here are some sad images from near where Brendan Keilar was killed so wickedly. I checked them out on the way back through Melbourne. The Mural (1967) close by is particularly surprising given what happened 30 years later. The Sun Herald writes around July 2007 of this mural and the staff sent in by police at 15 William St until they have finished their work at the crime scene:

[Picture: A pilgrimage to a crime scene. We were shocked to see this prescient mural figure from Greek mythology not unlike sadly missed crime victim classmate, lawyer Brendan Keilar: As if clothed in funeral shroud ascending out of body, as he died in the street nearby the same building 15 William St Melbourne CBD June 2007. The 'levin flash' reminds of the hot bullets into warm flesh. RIP hero.]


I was going to send this on to Harry Parkinson in Sydney at firm Salomon Smith Barney (took over CitiGroup if memory serves). But I don't have his email.

Lastly some pics of moi:
Left to right - Lee Oakley - sweep, Ricky Clissold (from W'bool Tech, 1st stroke) , Tom McLoughlin 2nd stroke, Lewis Atkinson 2nd bow, Peter Ryan bow. Winners Vic state title 1981, and 1982, junior boat crew.
Those surf boats apparently are around 410 kg back in the day, now only 200kg! And the oars are hollow carbon fibre! Ripped off!


That's progress. Old saying in boat crews: Not very smart but we can lift heavy things. Now finally they are smart too.


Thanks and hope to see you all again not too far down the track.
Yours truly


Some images above relate to our class mate Brendan, a property lawyer, was murdered in Melbourne 2 years ago with national press coverage given it was a rescue of a woman from a gun wielding thug on drugs.


At the hotel night before the reunion we met Dave McLean now an IT manager for Australian Conservation Foundation. We always saw him as the brightest student of that year. He got 100% in physics year 12. But he said he was the brightest now after Brendan Keilar was murdered. We all took it hard at the time. Another class mate is now po-lice in Warrnambool. He seemed to agree with our view the thug's survival time was limited given he was surplus to organised crime for bringing the heat. Even in gaol now. Indeed he went to the cops to avoid his the drug brothers. Sounds like life in hell.


On the way back through Melbourne we took these photographs around Footscray and CBD (like hi tech laptop guy in a cubby made of cushions to view the screen):

Picture: Dancing Dog cafe Footscray with cute chicken wire sculpture

Picture above: Melbourne Federation Square with hi tech 'laptop man' in distinctly low tech cushion cubby house to shade his screen under cushions to avoid sun glare. Raising the question - why bother dude? (Perhaps we are just jealous as our clunky laptop crashed and burned on the same trip.)

Picture: Footscray business - so called hot shots pool hall ....with broken windows!

Picture: The ominous News Corp building seen from Federation Square in Melbourne.

Picture: Unintended juxtaposition: Banks as hustlers?

Picture: Into the maw? Crown Casino car park where no doubt many sad and sorry people enter hopeful and exit in financial pieces?

Posted by editor at 10:20 AM EADT
Updated: Wednesday, 20 January 2010 11:19 AM EADT

Monday, 29 November 2010 - 12:54 AM EADT

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