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Saturday, 16 April 2011
Big media and big politics fall in with Yigal Amir's bupkis fascist mates
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: aust govt

Foreign minister Rudd want's to save 1 million people in Benghazi from Gaddafi's military predations, but he and many others are happy to see 1.5M people in Gaza rot away in poverty, in an open air prison, picked off a few at a time by a predatory Israeli government. Not dying in a fire fight, but slowly over years, in arguably a much crueler fashion.

So much for the Bonhoeffer thing from Kevin Rudd.

It's a sobering lesson of local Sydney Jewish politics to recall that when Yigal Amir as an Israeli 'settler' assassinated peacemaker prime minister Yitzak Rabin in 1995, that there was no real condemnation of Yigal Amir of significance from the local worthies. Because half of Israel were glad of the murder apparently and it nearly tore the country in half. At that moment I would say Israeli democracy died.

Indeed the predatory settler cheer squad are stronger than ever now holding crucial numbers in the present fascist Israeli Government, powered up with 100-200 nuclear weapons according to estimates of the Federation of American Scientists. This cheer squad also hold the numbers in their own local institutions in Sydney and seem to have strong ties with the other institutions of Australian society. But it doesn't make it right. It just makes it morally worse. 

Keep in mind what this cheer squad for the 'settler' land thieves are barracking for. The settler movement generally believe the only good Arab is a dead one. That's why they have Yigal Amir as a poster boy - because he killed the PM of Israel who was going to make friends with the Arabs over Palestine.

If one looks closely at the diaspora here in Sydney it becomes clear that these folks are in a paranoid and neurotic loop about their tragic history. If one steps back it becomes apparent they can't accept peace, because they have been fighting seemingly forever. It's become their comfort zone. If the Palestinian conflict didn't exist, for many of these folks it would have to be invented. They are suffering a collective post traumatic stress disorder. So unlike say the Irish who have had a 150 years to come to terms with 1.5M dead in a 'guided' famine courtesy of the British, the Jewish diaspora are acting out their family bereavements in Palestine, nursing it along with all the misery they can get away with hiding behind the narrative of the victim country surviving the Holocaust and existential angst.

Existential angst while harbouring 100-200 nuclear weapons while North Korea with barely a handful has stood against the whole world for years. That's not existential risk, that's self pity over WW2 foisted on the politics of the whole world.

So that's who Big Media and Big Politics are getting in bed with on the Marrickville council controversy. The cheer squad for Yigal Amir who have no interest in peace, embrace cruelty and prejudice as they live out their post Holocaust right wing fantasies. This would be bad enough until you add in the nuclear arms race dimension that could take the whole world down in a nuclear winter in which case this cancer becomes totally intolerable.

So yes I support a boycott, divestment and sanction campaign against Israel until it changes it policy on human rights in Palestine by showing it can squash the predatory settlers. And I will until the Israeli Govt policy changes for the better, whether jelly backs in the Greens stand fast or not , or it damages my career, or Marrickville Council is sacked, or until the settlers set off a nuclear weapon fueled war, in which case my last words will be "I wish I was wrong".

Posted by editor at 1:11 PM NZT

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