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Tuesday, 11 September 2007
Kevin Rudd has a problem in NSW and its name is Morris Iemma?
Mood:  sharp
Topic: election Oz 2007

With due respect to Ian Rintoul of the Stop Bush Coalition organising team we submit the 99.99% of civil society peaceful supporters on the Saturday rally and march are not VICTIMS of dictatorial police brutality or police state tactics. Including bookseller Bob Gould and other elderly folks blocked from exiting Hyde Park North in some of the vision. What we say is the rally marchers are in fact SURVIVORS of police state tactics, not victims, and thankyou Black Australians for the survival conceptual framework.

Indeed we suggest gratitude is in order to thank Morris 'Mussolini' Iemma, and John 'Adolf' Howard for their extraordinary endorsement in total of the police behaviour including 200 unbadged proto fascists, no disrespect to the 3,300 other decent coppers used as pawns in a cynical political game:

PM hails 'brilliant' police tactics

More fool these mainstream political 'leaders' for contradicting what every fair minded person at the rally itself, and those who read page 7 of the Sydney Morning Herald on Monday, and community media here, will now know too:

Identity parade of the secret police


And isn't the community media flourishing, sprouting everywhere on YouTube, ARTV footage, news websites etc. This Premier's credibility is going south every hour and day since Saturday with all those dubious road blocks miles from restricted and declared APEC zones, and despite the fixers in some Big Meeja.

We should thank these two, Morris Iemma and Howard, for truly revealing their dictatorial tendencies over democracy. Ironically it feeds Howard's attack on Rudd ALP as dictators if they hold every state and federal govt. No wonder JH was encouraging MI and 'Benito' Scipione [NSW police commissioner] to pre emption, forward interventions 'before something got out of
control'. It's Howard's own justification for invasion over non existent WMD in Iraq - burning the village to save the village. 600K deaths later there are some misgivings. Great thinking that. Grand Catholic morality that. Actually gutter governance like Benito Mussolini himself of WW2 infamy. What we wonder does Iemma senior feel about that in his own 'quality' son the Premier?

A forward looking self defence - there's a word for that - its
called fascism against otherwise lawful activity, for real. Iemma reveals that in his disgusting urban
development decisions as well like the 3A repeal of the Environmental
Planning Act (eg another big coal mine and Enfield intermodal late last week). The 'premier' is thus unfit to serve and a proto fascist,
and so are the ALP in NSW. Beattie resigning today as a marcher against
Joh in the 70ies must be very embarrassed by Iemma authorising 200
black op police. Never have the ALP been so shameful as Iemma
yesterday, and it's an eloquent justification of a third group in
politics via an independent The Greens.

You can't fool all the people all the time: There were 10,000 decent
beautifiul people at that march including Chris Brown's mother. Who
will talk to another 10 and on and on. They will be mortified and
aggrieved by Iemma. And they probably voted for him one way or the
other. But will they again? A good day for The Greens I should think. A
bit of a NSW problem for Rudd though.

And after the scathing column by Miranda Devine about this


, the NSW Opposition Leader Barry OFarrel could well support a Parliamentary Inquiry into poor justice governance from a centre right position of ethical law and order, of rule of law for police and protesters.

No less than the Washington Post correspondent pointed out on ABC radio that this was a very atypical security performance for George W Bush, including post 9/11 WTC mass murder.

Lisa Miller as compere on morning ABC radio was also incredulous that Premier Morris Iemma had absolutely no criticism of 200 unbadged police, despite being evidence of an illegal intent, and contrary to Police Commissioner standing orders.

And another big question arising from the successful SBC march and rally.

Who were AWOL at that proud protest activity against 1. the Iraq War 2. dangerous climate change policy settings/nuke energy 3. attack on workers rights??

1. The CFMEU were missing. And my union the ASU. And their state Labor Council Secretary John Robertson usually no slouch on
community rallies.

2. The Iemma ALP in NSW were 'missing' although actually represented in a hostile way by Scipione's police

3. Kevin Rudd for the federal ALP or his representative was missing too.

And therein we can see who actually believes in and has faith in grassroots democracy, real civil society democracy, and who are hierarchical bullies whether Coalition or ALP.

More here: Call for inquiry into clash that felled photographer

Lastly for those who do feel traumatised or annoyed we recommend some therapy like this - a visit to the Chullora Wetlands project of the South West Environment Centre who were granted a 5 year lease last Sunday by Sydney Water Authority. That's good governance we could have alot more of do yer reckon?

Posted by editor at 9:10 AM NZT
Updated: Tuesday, 11 September 2007 5:52 PM NZT

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