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Wednesday, 21 November 2007
7.30/ABC and Insight/SBS do us proud in this democratic feast
Mood:  special
Topic: election Oz 2007

Some classic political reportage on the 'idiot box' last night:

A quiet lyrical deadly serious interview by Kerry OBrien of PM John Howard (that everyone sees as on the skids, though no one really knows) was enthralling for the unusual rapport between prey and quarry. Which was which we will only know after the vote on Saturday.

Insight with Jenny Brockie was a pseudo version of the Insiders show with so many heavy weight press gallery staff (Taylor, Hartcher, Middleton) as well as the impressive academic Steven Keen and articulate swinging voters.

The possibility of Turnbull replacing Costello at the top of the Liberal Party came up in the to and fro: Yesterday we wrote this on the Dani Ecuyer website comments section on some of the curious possible permutations and combinations:

Well it would certainly help if Howard lost the election. And if Wentworth helps with that result then well and good. On the other hand there is an even better outcome in our humble opinion being Rudd victory and Turnbull victory, which I hasten to add no one this side of the election can possibly quarantine one from the other. So yes, its important to work for George Newhouse to win in case Wentworth is the decider on getting Kyoto ratified. You never know.

Why would Turnbull be a useful victor too and in what circumstances? Because Turnbull winning IN A LOSING SIDE (which is too clever to play for I admit) would be a ferocious advocate for Kyoto, decimation of the Howard Clones and a complete reorganisation of conservative side of politics not least a Republic. And he would be a very effective opposition on a tricky ALP. Peter Costello - kiss your political *rse goodbye if Mal wins in a losing election?

Turnbull has enormous talent and quite some good aspects which presumably PROF (not Mr) Flannery respects. On this aspect I tend to agree with Overington while ignoring her disrespect to the ALP’s Newhouse in terms of talent. Turnbull is a towering figure in Australian politics really right back to his Kerry Packer, and Spycatcher litigation. He could do alot of good on climate change.

But the reality is ML is simply on the wrong side of a Howard operation (”that f*cking c*nt Howard” quote is probably true) and ecological history being made right now. Big Mal even seems to know it with his philosophical sad tone these last few days, and resort to fairly desperate nomination quibbles/ byelections (the coalition would lose) or not. He seems to get this climate change thing is bigger than all of us, and in that he would be right.

Another subtext - Howard has footsies on 7’s TT with Costello not just for rah rah pitch for more votes - ALSO IN CASE HE LOSES (election and/or Bennelong) COMBINED WITH A TURNBULL WIN because even Costello is preferable to Turnbull taking over ‘his’ Party.

Methinks Howard tried to finish off Turnbull’s vaulting ambition and capacity parking him in the death’s head portfolio of environment in a pro resource extraction Govt (not least Coalition partners the Nationals). Didn’t work. Will Turnbull survive this next hurdle?

In the absence of a Green or indy Ecuyer winner no.1 vote, we have to consider the merits of either major. I do tend to agree this side of the vote in the game of chance we have to work to take Wentworth off the govt and Prof Flannery surely gives too little weight to the prospect this seat could turn the whole result. There is no doubt he wants Rudd to win in my estimation so he is being a little contradictory with his endorsement in case Wentworth is the cusp. He [Flannery] used to flirt with nuke power ([read]Turnbull) quite a bit too over the years (his tours in PNG were grants via the mining industry I recall), but seems keener on geothermal these days.

Yep this election is a doozy alright. It’s already trespassed into just about every other aspect of my working life like big ones will do.

And there is no doubting the willingness of the fight in Wentworth with a blowtorch front pager in the fairly low circulation The Australian today (but a favourite paper for conservatives in Wentworth) about ALP young star Rose Jackson being 'anti Zionist', like probably 50% of the student body in Australia over injustice in Palestine. Rose Jackson no doubt is fair game but she is still early 20ies raising the question "Is this child abuse by the Turnbull campaign?"


This indirect test of obvious Yid Newhouse and his dedication to the State of Israel, is likely a balancer for this damaging attack on Turnbull for throwing $10M of tax payers funds at a dubious so called 'local rain making' company at the expense of an Israeli backed competitor for similar grants .... which story with Jewish angle ran, wouldn't you know it ... on the 7.30 Report the night before. And a very interesting twisty turny story it was with an electoral supporter of Turnbull getting a leg up with our money. Ouch:

19/11/2007 - Turnbull under fire for $10m water deal

Posted by editor at 7:59 AM EADT
Updated: Wednesday, 21 November 2007 8:44 AM EADT

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