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Tuesday, 18 March 2008
Another big media backgrounder last 7 days
Mood:  chatty
Topic: big media

[under construction]

- classic Big Brother story last Sunday Telegraph by sharp Shari Markson about vetting of no. of sexual partners, illegal drug use, and other private matters for security clearance of such as media advisers and ministerial chief's of staff. And for those too boring to have anything to declare? Sam Seaborn and the hooker comes to mind. 

- Yet another summit? We reported in our last big media roundup about the Ayn Rand May soiree in East Sydney to come in May. We reported on News Ltd/The Australian 'real summit' of power players in business and politics in late March 2008. And now Michelle Grattan notes this summit for Yoof on April 12 and 13 "in a dress rehearsal for the big Australia 2020" event:

16 March 2008 Blood worth bottling - Horseracing - Sport - smh.com.au

Not governing talking seems to be the gist, when urgen action on climate safety is probably wiser. This softer story by MG follows a quite cutting piece the week before in the SunHerald "Budget pain bites Rudd" 9/3/08 p57


- We wrote on March 8th 2008 about this barely concealed Chinese Govt advert for 'a spy'

ASIO not the only one advertising for 'spies' ?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: aust govt

which seems to resonate with the story by crikey.com.au about donation of travel tickets from a foreign Chinese 'company' which no doubt is actually Chinese Communist Party controlled:

13 March 2008 Crikey - Exclusive: Rudd, Swan, Burke and the colourful Chinese connection ...

- Yet more fallout from the NSW Govt Dirt File:

* This tucked away in The Glebe 13 March p7 about 'a multibillion dollar infrastructure as big as the harbour bridge'

M4 East paper remains in secret basket THE Opposition and the Greens have called on the State Government to release the promised M4 East discussion paper, fearing that plans are progressing without community input.

* This story 17 March 08 is pitiful, with the 'independent speaker' Torbay actually appointed by the Iemma Govt still, about the 'coincidence' of a whistleblower's employment terminated on the day of her evidence against ex Minister and predator Milton Orkopoulous:

www.smh.com.au - Orkopoulos aide's job offer

As most staffers know the Parliament pays and runs the IR but the MP (or their party) decides who gets the gig or not, so if it smells and sounds like a fix, it probably is, even if not Torbay specifically.

* Ross Coulthard's go hard pieces on Sunday Ch 9 are getting a serious run in the Sunday Press now too re TWU 'slush' fund extorted from transport companies to donate to state MP's. The target is Tony Sheldon ALP Right machine man and "king maker" says RC:

[offline?] p11 Sunday Telegraph 16/3/08 Truckie boss who's also a Labor king maker by Ross Coulthard

and same page/day

Union's secret 'slush fund' to help ALP | NEWS.com.au Business

- 13 March 08 Andrew West on the case still of Party repudiation of Iemma/Costa govt sell off plan

ALP councils reject sale, but the power is still with Costa - National

But then so is the Iemma Govt with this advert in both major papers in Sydney:


- there's a twitch in the ultra right ideological dogmatists with some stories about Young Liberals compiling a dossier on 'biased' left wing lecturers. Boo hoo young fogey Howardistas!:

15/3/08 If left-leaning teachers offend, why not join their low-paid ranks ...

And how's this for an Ayn Rand type whining about the same thing in The Australian Higher Education supplement?



Posted by editor at 12:29 PM NZT

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