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Friday, 25 December 2009
Jesus as feral lock on anti woodchip protester?
Mood:  lyrical
Topic: ecology

Image via Wikidepdia: 6th-century mosaic of Jesus at Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna. Though depictions of Jesus are culturally important, no undisputed record of what Jesus looked like is known to exist.
A bit of blog prose on this Christmas 2009.
SAM says enjoy the day because we will having just finished seasons 1- 4 of The Wire, and milk free dark chocolate on orange rind (for breakfast). Soon off to have a swim in the Grose Wold river off the Blue Mtns where like the proverbial Al Gore movie we saw a little school of fish in the shallows but for how long?:
Funny how George Pell is Cardinal for Australian Catholicism who also rejects his own Pope's belief in climate change action (eg solar panels on the Vatican).
So what side would Jesus be on when it comes to forests? Well as a non church goer ex altar boy, number 8 of 9 Catholic family we believe Jesus would hate woodchipping of forests.
We reckon He would scorn Family First and the Assembly of God mob there in Orbost, so called 'Timber Town' given the huge woodchipping rates.
It's presumptuous but we think He would glory in the 10,000 year old steady state wet old growth forest systems in East Gippsland. The furries, and crawlies, the lichens and fungi. The constant humidity and bushfire resistant soggy topsoil: The kind that Yoeman and now Andrews want to replicate in agricultural water retention systems.
True Jesus came from a blue collar tradie family of carpenters. But woodchips are not timber. And selective targeting of high volume old trees in wet forests is not stewardship. He would be fretting over the butts and crowns on the forest floor, all that wood, with the stems off to Eden's chipmill.
We reckon with climate so threatening Jesus would be a lock on protester under a bulldozer and the Brumby and Keneally Governments would be auditioning for Frank Thring's job as Pontius Pilate. Jesus would even look like a feral with beard and long hair, refusing materialistic pretensions, getting brained by an enraged unionist with an axe handle.
According to Chipstop truck deliveries are down a bit this year but still awful:

Sent: Friday, December 11, 2009 3:45 PM Subject: [chipstop] truck count results

Hi all
 Here are detailed figures from our truck count on Wednesday. The total  for the day was 121, compared to 98 in Feb 09 and 191 in Sept 08. The numbers have certainly picked up since the start of the year, but one interesting thing: thinnings have almost halved, from 39% of loads in February to 20% this week. This suggests to me that the thing that is keeping them (SEFE [Eden Chipmill) going is their cheapness. The other side of this is the fact that the contractors claim they are not making money from thinnings and there may be tensions over impending royalty rises.

Thinnings are E1s. They are desirable and while more expensive, (even though the royalty is lower to reflect the greater difficulty of extraction) we would normally expect them to be more saleable. Apparently not in the present circumstances.

If you want to see earlier truck counts, you can get them on the chipstop website at: http://www.chipstop.forests.org.au/cswhatsnew.html#CHIPMILL_VIGIL_AND_TRUCK_COUNT,_DECEMBER_2006 _

Posted by editor at 12:07 PM EADT

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