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Tuesday, 17 July 2007
The breaking down of Dr Haneef, tear in eye after 10 days
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: legal
My instinct is the federal police are gaming both the Big Media and defence lawyer/civil liberty lobby. The premium and priority for the AFP and security services in this situation surely is ANY intel Haneef innocently or not can provide as access into the world of Al Qaeda. In this way the 'good' Doctor is a gem of intel they would never willingly give up from the most serious to trivial cultural insights he might have into the bad 2nd cousins. Law Council on Fran Kelly abc 576 earlier today says they would be "surprised" if the full evidence was not presented to the Qld magistrate regarding bail. But even if the Law Council is right, that still leaves all the intel Haneef potential holds not directly probitive of charge(s). The longer Haneef is held the looser his tongue will be - even Nelson Mandela says solitary is the worst suffering for an intelligent man after 2 or 3 days. We need that contact to really live. Also a trivial charge helps keep open lines of inquiry and investigation without tipping the police hand to the opponents so the Law Council and civil liberties lobby may yet get that surprise. And that is even allowing for the "scathing" view of lawyers Rob Starry (UTS lecture 2006, last night UTS) and Lex Lasry thesis (Trioli abc 702 show this morning) of deliberate contamination of the public, and Richard Neville (former editor Oz Magazine) incredulity as to systemic failure (no doubt) of sub judice in this Haneef case on Glover (ABC 702) last evening, making a fair trial virtually impossible. It's all about the intel, and little people get crushed in that spooky world.
Tom McLoughlin, solicitor

Postscript #1

Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 8:00 PM
Subject: Tony Burke MP spotted at Keating The Musical

Opposition spokes on Immigration Tony Burke was spotted Sunday 8th July at the Seymour Centre in Sydney for the last week 2nd season of Paul Keating the Musical. It was a packed house. Was it 'John Howard' singing like a bellowing heifer "I want power", or 'Bob Hawke' with a tinny schmoozing women in the front row, or kinky Paul "doing John Hewson slowly" that appealed to MP Burke? Or was it ribald 'Alex' getting "freaky"? Burke so quick to play the angles should fit right in to a future Rudd musical after me-tooing the ruthless Haneef star chamber. 'Whatever it takes' - alive and well here in Sydney.
Tom McLoughlin

Postscript #2 18th July 07, 8.45 am

Well the dynamic real politik of this situation is really flowing and it's not entirely in anyone's control would be my view.

1. Crikey ezine  notes with some heavy logic  the govt's anti terror laws didn't keep their target Haneef in detention, causing them to rely on immigration law. Strike 1 the federal government.

2. AG Ruddock is saying last night (Lateline?) Parliament may need to stiffen the no presumption of bail laws causing Tim Bugg of the Law Council to sound warnings about civil liberties 'built up over centuries' on Trioli 702 this morning (as we write). Work in progress.

3.  The ALP is 'quiet on this' to quote Fran Kelly this morning in talkies with Michelle Grattan earlier today, noting their Tony Burke maintains 'bipartisan support for the government with nothing futher to say on this operational matter'.  That's out sense of it too - operational. But also ruthless as regards rights but also fairness to 'good' Dr Haneef.

4. There is a fraught debate over the 1st of 2 records of interview (all 142 pages of transcript) leaked, that's right, leaked to The Australian. AFP chief Mick Kelty in mild grave tones was on AM abc 702 after 8am this morning and what a cracking quiet interview it was. Along the lines of 'I [Kelty] have rung the editor [Chris Mitchell] already this morning and been assured the transcript didn't come from the AFP, and he knows I am publicly holding him to that.' The interview sails on with speculation it could be lawyers of defence or prosecution or maybe govt [departmental/ministerial staff - say Immigration or Attorney Generals on the visa cancellation?] Kelty swears on air Ministers couldn't have access to the transcript, but that the leak to a newspaper is contempt of court - presumably for running evidence in public that is subjudice. Kelty is surely correct about that too including contempt by the newspaper, but given the systemic abuse of subjudice it's a collective Big Media guilt, and a faint hope of Kelty perhaps due to the election climate to flush the truth of this case out. Right to know and all that.

5. Kelty incredibly says the transcript #1 leak damages the prosecution case. But does it? How Kelty can offer that legal advice is beyond me. Doubt he is a litigation lawyer even if a top police officer. Maybe he means it sabotages the legal process due to mis-trial for contempt. But it certainly helps the immigration visa cancellation rationale of Immigration Minister Andrews (causing some outrage) for showing the good Dr was financed in his studies by the UK arrestee, was in fairly regular social contact, and shared a flat.  [Actually he didn't share a flat apparently, only visited for several days: Refer front pager The Australian 20/7/07. Also on reflection it is fair to say transcript #1 does damage the prosecution as per the headline quoting Haneef 'I am no radical' front page The Australian 18th July.]
You will notice we don't link to the 142 page transcript posted apparently by The Australian because we suspect that's not open to a practicising lawyer (this writer) in a case where the charge is before the court.

6. What becomes apparent from the transcript summarised in paper version of The Australian is that Dr Haneef at first failed his UK medical exams which is explicable on many levels - culture shock, language, pressure to get paid work. That he was loaned 300 pounds by the arrestee cousin etc etc. But it could also suggest he was not the 'the best and brightest' to quote Michael Sheur ex CIA Bin Laden unit and therefore not in fact Al Qaeda material? On the other hand he might have been more vulnerable to their ideology too?

7. Later same abc AM show Peter Russo, defence solicitor doing a stirling job as advocate states categorically he didn't leak the transcript #1, and is annoyed at being treated like "a mushroom" by "someone".

8. Chris Merritt, legal editor of The Australian, for the last two months has been reporting the demise of a very stupid idea from the peak Qld lawyers union (Law Society there?) that the profession's Code of Conduct should ban lawyers speaking to the media during a court case. That is, self censorship. The idea which limped along under the radar it seems sort of evaporated on contact with sunlight after howls of derision from lawyers on the ground calling it "bizarre". Indeed. Imagine Peter Russo, Qld solicitor being gagged after his stirling work this last week in maybe the biggest case of his life? And what a nuggety humble weather beaten (Bruce Willis in 16 Blocks?) type of lawyer he proves to be, visiting the cells up there in Qld. Bravo Peter Russo. You're doing the profession proud. Just be yourself. Your rough hewn sincerity is priceless.
Postscript #3 late 18th July 2007

Well what do you know, the defence barrister not so much leaked, as released the transcript to The Australian, saying its only what would have been presented into public hearings at a commital hearing. No bail has been posted and Dr Haneef now resides in a Qld prison, and not Villawood Immigration Detention Centre in Sydney as hoped by the Federal Govt. And the PM and his AG Ruddock are fairly ropable on the nightly tv news bulletin/s that someone else should dare to seize the Big Media initiative in place of tactical prosecution leaks. Ouch.
 [acknowleding Crikey.com.au cartoon ran 19th July 07]
We at SAM were not the only ones thinking it was a govt placement into The Australian, and we even rung around a bit with the theory it could lead to a mistrial get Haneef out of the Qld legal system and into Villawood. We still don't understand why this material was not subjudice and thus a breach of those rules by The Australian and the defence and indeed earlier leaks by the govt/prosecution. It's all too weird.

Postscript #4 8.30 am 19th July 07
The Qld Law Society is backing the ethical judgement of the defence barrister, The Australian is defiant with legal editor Chris Merritt front page (still to read), and the barrister Stephen Keim SC is determined in the Big Media like Lateline last night and the press generally. Indeed he has repudiated the personal attacks of PM, AG and AFP chief Mick Kelty. It's legal high drama for us more humble lawyers, and indeed thrilling to see senior lawyers in possibly their best light fighting for the little guy (like Mandela, Robert Kennedy, Gandhi).

What becomes apparent is that senior Victorian defence lawyer Rob Starry naming in the most profound "scathing" way the racket whereby the govt/prosecution tactically, strategically leaks evidence in terrorism cases against the defence over the last 2 years in various cases, where the AG Ruddock and PM have turned a blind eye, has now compromised their ability to credibly criticise the action of the defence barrister Keim (pictured front of The Australian today).

It is legal reporting AO1 to not run contentious evidence through the general media, indeed a matter this writer was effectively
sacked/resigned over for refusing to circulate so in a previous job with Sydney City Hub front cover story about a King Cross sex shop raid. Suffice to say we don't have high profile friends to back us up and were not willing to put our practicising certificate at risk based on say the ABC legal handbook advice.
[We note Richard Ackland in his column in the Herald, it has to be said rival to The Australian but still trustworthy, dated 20/7/07, reinforces our understanding of orthodox subjudice rules of legal reporting by quoting the Qld Bar Association Rule 60(a) to not publish or assist publishing material concerning a current proceeding except for quite "anodyne" matters which don't cover the police Q & A transcript. The reason such a rule exists is orthodox subjudice as we expressed above.]

So why is this basic and sound rule of subjudice breaking down in such a systemic way now from both the prosecution and defence side of things (to the delight of Big Media helping to sell newspapers)? Because the political leadership of the country has allowed the principle to be corrupted selectively and that is a matter of accountability at AG Ruddock's door. The aghast AFP's Mick Kelty on AM yesterday who notes the unravelling legal norm might realistically be directing his criticism at the federal govt failure of political leadership in sustaining the sound legal administration of justice for nurturing  a culture of evidence leaks in sensitive cases for political gain.

We say it was inevitable defence lawyers of real mettle as Keim so obviously is, were going to take action sooner or later, and so it has happened. But the point is the corrupted legal culture under this federal govt.

Postscript #5 9am 19th July 07

Trioli show 702 is digging into this in the biggest city in Australia (Sydney).
Prefaced the interview with ex PM Fraser (Liberal), and Barry Jones ex MP (ALP),  but that outrage glosses the "operational" nature of the situation as regards evidence withheld from the Qld magistrate, including the 2nd transcript of interview with Dr Haneef.

As we write Prof Mark Findlay legal academic on criminology is the talent. He says in normal criminal trial such docs would be provided to the defence. [Sure, accepted.]
Findlay notes AFP/DPP refers to contempt of court, not national security strictures against publishing.
But what of the publication of the transcript? Interview not probitive of subjudice principle? Reference to both sides doing the wrong thing by Trioli, defence forced into the public arena suggests Findlay.
Bongiorno decision in Tamil case in Melbourne referred to as indicative of broader legal industry concern as to selective Big Media duress on the judicial decision making.

[reminds of family holidays as  14 year old in Casino NSW with the Bongiorno family - caught drinking out of the milk carton by Big Bernard! How embarrassing. Funny how you remember such things.]

[Chris Merritt legal editor at The Australian has front page today squarely challenged the principle of subjudice with this sentence "Do the authorities really believe that jurors are so stupid that they cannot tell the difference between a newspaper report and evidence that is tested in court?" In context this is explosive impertinence because The Australian has put contentious evidence into the public arena in deliberate attack on the subjudice legal reporting rule AO1. And probably News Ltd in particular have been doing so in various cases for the last 2 years.

It's a very serious and determined attack on the principle of subjudice we are witnessing here, done slyly for the prosecution till now in the last 2 years (says Rob Starry et al), and openly for the defence here in the Haneef case yesterday by agency of The Australian. Notice this allusion to the clash of judicial power and Big Media power i.e. 2nd (exec govt), 3rd (judiciary) versus 4th (media) estates also by Chris Merritt same article:

"the court of public opinion [in the Hicks Case] can sometimes be far more powerful than a court of law".

That's an allusion to bare faced trespass on the judicial constitutional power being excused by Merritt with it seems an axe to grind over the failure to put Hicks away forever. Strange times indeed.

A "sober" assessment would say subjudice is a good and valid public policy for legal administration. Trouble is its been selectively implemented and we are now in the swirling waters of a poisoned paradigm, law of the jungle extreme free speech. That's poor governance in my book. We need a treaty amongst the 2nd, 3rd and 4th estate and re establishment of the principle of subjudice or else its a crazy free for all of selective leaking of contentious evidence to sell newspapers. Where is the public interest indeed in feeding the Big Media meglomania during a trial?  




Further besides the tussle over the principle of subjudice itself, there is also a real tension in all this between the public Right to Know agenda of the Big Media and the national security interest in covert operational matters, as surely Merritt knows. Will we ever read the content of transcript #2 in the Haneef case, and should we, and when, if ever? A question of fine moral judgement balancing subjudice, operational covert investigations and public Right to Know. Whoa my brain hurts.

The Trioli spin doctors section has a commentator [Antony McLellan] that there is no contempt of court for publishing the transcript #1, but I hold my judgement on that. The ABC legal handbook is pretty categorical that once a person is charged its bare facts only as suitable for reportage. This bares far more authoritive legal analysis - for instance subjudice prevents a potential juror begging off saying 'I've read about this and its affected my thinking' to avoid jury duty.

And the idea a judge is not affected by Big Media is highly unconvincing. Sure judges are only supposed to take "judicial notice"  of very uncontroverisal general knowledge and ignore the rest. But they live such constrained lives my guess is they are voracious consumers of the quality media.

The Supreme Cout of NSW if memory serves is a client of Media Monitors based on my 2 years as a reader analyst there 2000-2001. That begs the question why such an interest in Big Media by the judges? Because they defend their power like all the others. 
( By the by, the client list of Media Monitors is commerical in confidence but we had to learn the client codes by heart like a foriegn language along with all the other institutional interests in society also represented. There must have been hundreds. The real proverbial Big Brother on life in Australia.)

Sean Carney interviewed from The Age notes Treasurer Costello has damaged Howard re personal bad relations, lack of economic respect for colleague PM Howard. BUT what it really significes is a deliberate distancing by Costello from Howard leadership consistently sinking in the polls, and building a post Howard career foundation.

Postscript #6 20th July 2007

Well what a wild legal reporting media politik ride this Haneef matter has become. Our traverse of the quality press does we agree show a dynamic democracy at work as per Dennis Shanahan's large comment piece in The Australian today.

It does also reflect a broad suspicioun of a rodent led federal govt prone to  'crying wolf ' as per the allusion of the Sydney Morning Herald editorial today.

Incredibly subjudice has been totally junked with front page story in The Australian testing and in fact convincingly junking the affidavit evidence of the AFP as to Haneef's character based on factual errors. To add salt to that injury to AFP/Immigration minister near fatally injured credibility, the ABC radio news have come over the top this morning via intrepid Raphael Epstein that Haneef's SIM card was not in the Glasgow bomb car at all though it was held by one of the arrestees.

All of this is subjudice contentious evidence that belongs in a court not in the general news but the case is being run through the media no doubt now. Indeed spilt milk, toothpaste out of the tube.

The Australian editorial bangs on about public interest (to sell more newspapers?) and then with grand impertinence calls for the transcript #2 (the one likely to be most revealing for Dr Haneef at his most fragile after more days of solitary) to also be released. No surprises there - sell more newspapers public interest or not.

So how "operational" in terms of national security is transcript #2? Or even future potential interogations? Shanahan above, seen as a strong ally of this federal govt, warns balancing national security concerns is serious and real.

We say as per the Herald reference to the federal govt seen as crying wolf, the power of that fable and metaphor is the general understanding that a wolf does exist. In this context, the Tube bombings happened. Madrid too. Bali. Others facing terrorism charges right here or even convicted.

(Why they do terrorism is another debate again. Many say ideological religion like Chris Hitchens in The Australian recently. We at SAM see a deeper concern allied to religion as an opiate for inequity and geo politik/economic grievances. Religion including extremism as psychological salve for damage done. We choose Gandhi's courageous peaceful protest to transcend that spiral of tit for tat violent damage. But we are not so naive to observe that in this world many don't.)

A great irony in the news today - the column by William Maley, an academic at ANU, is that he correctly criticises the reliance of Minister Andrews on an AFP summary for his visa deliberations rather than the original transcript which is intrinsically selective, but doesn't notice the publication on Wednesday last of the guts of the transcript #1 in the paper version of The Australian was itself arguably selective, especially given absence of ...transcript #2.

We say all the chest beating and self justifications, which are all fertile veins of Big Media coverage content filling the hungry 24 hour cycle (not least a platform for an expanded 4 page legal reportage empire of Chris Merritt every Friday now at The Oz, though to be fair no Haneef stories today there) are not probitive of the content of transcript #2. So again we say how operational is it? Should it be published at all? Voyeuristic curiousity and Big Media sales imperatives don't seem to me a safe way to run national security when the wolf is real (leaving open whether Dr Haneef is one of the innocent sheep or not).

And that is allowing for the criticism of Antony McClellan about hypocrisy of the authorities  (in The Media section yesterday of The Oz, also abc 702 Trioli spin doctors)  identifying AFP leaking for the govt/prosecution here, with info NOT provided to the Qld magistrate. Ouchy:

We write all of this, not fully ready to concede an absolute right to the presumption of innocence in the context of a terrorism threat, in anticipation of the Sydney leg of the APEC conference. Not for the world leaders of variable moral quality but for the street full of average citizens, the 18 year old uni student peacenicks, socialist agitators and labour activists, not least greenies, as well as average workers.  I don't want any of these to become another Madrid, or Tube slaying. Similarly if Dr Haneef is no more or less than one of these he has my vote too.
I look to a functioning democracy across all 4 estates free of selective politiking to accurately decide which. Indeed as an editorial of The Australian carries in a headline public safety trumps political opportunism everytime.
Postscript #7 [Press releases]
Thursday, 19 July 2007

Howard's double standards on judiciary

The Howard government is engaged in an unprincipled attack on the
judiciary, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"The Howard government has changed the dividing line between the
judiciary and the parliament in an unforgivable way," Senator Brown

"The Howard government has condemned the granting of bail to Dr Haneef.
It has also attacked Dr Haneef's barrister, Stephen Keim SC, for
releasing transcripts of police interviews with Dr Haneef, but leaks
from the government in this case (and in a series of previous episodes,
such as the leaks against former ONA officer Andrew Wilkie) have been
welcomed with silence by the Prime Minister."

"The standard of public life is being eroded under this government, but
there are wider consequences. The vilification of Dr Haneef is damaging
Australia's standing in India and around the world."

"The Prime Minister is trading political advantage for national loss,"
Senator Brown said.

Further information: Ebony Bennett 0409 164 603

Detention of Dr Haneef has unravelled: Greens

20 July 2007

Continued detention of Dr Haneef has become untenable with revelations
that the case against him is falling apart, Australian Greens Attorney
General spokesperson Senator Kerry Nettle said today.

"The case against him appears to be unravelling at the seams," Senator
Nettle said.

"British police have revealed that the SIM card alleged to be owned by
Dr Haneef was found hundreds of kilometres away from the UK terrorist

"Minister Andrews should review his decision to cancel Dr Haneef's visa
particularly as it appears that the information he has used to do so is
flagrantly incorrect.

"Dr Haneef has maintained all along that he did not reside with any
terrorism suspects.

"At best this is a stuff up.

"Minister Andrews claimed he has cancelled Dr Haneef's visa and liberty
on police advice that he posed a threat to Australians. It's now clear
that the case against him does not appear to be objective or accurate.

"Minister Andrews must fix his mistake and return Dr Haneef's visa."
Senator Nettle  said.

More information Kristian Bolwell: 0411638320


Postsrcipt #8 early Monday 23rd July 07
Some things become apparent. Via David Marr at the SMH feature on the weekend that defence solicitor Peter Russo was at the interrogation of Dr Haneef for the unreleased transcript #2. We didn't realise this before and it tells us many things - Russo is maintaining his legal strategy of a full defence, he is participating in public meetings and general media. This tells us there is not much in transcript 2 versus the already released #1 of any incriminating nature.
Thus we saw the Saturday Telegraph hide the Haneef case back on p9 after the centre sports section, while the other press put it front and centre.
Similarly some nasty bogus "leaks" incriminating Haneef which have been repudiated by the defence as you might expect, but by the so called source - the senior levels of the Australian Federal Police, who reportedly (quality media abc tv, radio) have directly contacted the defence to say it rubbish and not from them. The story ran in the Sunday Mail in Brisbane with echoes in the sister paper of the Sydney Telegraph. Looks like a deliberate fraud on the public.
Now Premier Beattie is cranking on radio national abc as we write the failure of systemic governance around this determined breach of subjudice rules as promoted by the Howard govt lobby in the Big Media for cynical PR reasons.
And Howard loyalist Alexander Downer is on 702 news 7.50 am as we write attacking Beattie for 'doing the work of Rudd' which even if true doesn't change the logic of Beattie's critique - the political farce is bringing anti terrorism measures into disrepute and that is bad (that's right ear piece for one station (702), another radio for the other brand of abc (576 national), and typing too!).

Postscript # 9 July 29th 2007

Dr Haneef is free, charges dropped, work visa not renewed though, 60 Minutes has paid him for an interview to be broadcast tonight as per Sydney front page Sunday press today:



Posted by editor at 11:32 AM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 29 July 2007 9:13 PM NZT
Bega Councillor does his job under the Local Government Act 1993
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: nsw govt

Picture at Wandella Forest taken 9th March 2007: Harriet Swift, Pam, Bridie, Scot (aka Sooty), Keith Hughes (Bega Councillor), Tony (rfa t-shirt)

We received this media release below recently attacking Cr Keith Hughes in the picture above.





Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 8:21 PM
Subject: councillor who locked on 1997, no sanction and why Re: [chipstop] Hughes must resign, says TCA

In 1997 I not only stood in front of a truck, but I was the one who did the lock on like Scotty, at the exit to the construction site of the Eastern Distributor. By the way this was totally unrehearsed or planned. I just happened to bring along a D lock and promptly gave the key away! It wasn't a public road as such. It was a public park grabbed by the road developer for the govt. angle grinder jobby by police rescue, Duly arrested, off in paddy wagon. Anyway the magistrate threw it out.
I was in my 2nd year as a councillor at Waverley. None of the councillors took  the point, and actually joked that another green councillor (who shall remain nameless, well hell it was Matson) "didn't know how to get arrested" chortling to themselves. But Murray Matson was worried about the accusations now aimed at Keith here so fair enough too.
Murray was at Randwick, much more right wing. Waverley were pretty sympathetic funnily enough.
The real point like 'fit and proper character to be a solicitor' is whether one avoids violence or dishonesty. Public protest is pretty safe under the Local Govt Act is my guess.
If you look at the legislative purposes and functions of councillors under the Local Govt Act you will notice it says to communicate, to inform and to educate your community. In the USA they will call this the exercise of free speech. Etc etc. In fact I used these sections at the start of the LGA in a later attempt to have me referred to the Dept of Local Govt for misconduct alleging I had undermined the financial viability of the Waterloo Incinerator (a waste asset half owned by the council) including planned $40M upgrade. (My main attacker was Cr Lee father of pop star Ben Lee himself booted from the ALP, now an independent councillor). Anyway it was true I did undermine it as an ex officio co director, and it was closed down. But I quoted these sections as doing my public duty and they backed off, based on a political calculation - the voters in the Eastern Suburbs. I presume they didn't want to call my bluff of winning the high ground.
Tried a full on attack in 1999, but beat them off again.
By the way a decision at magistrates level is not precedent value, ....
Good luck Keith., ..... Get those sections and promote them to your support base, local press etc. Photocopy them like confetti is my suggestion. They will likely be found via this link:
and perhaps these sections
   8.      The council’s charter
re leadership, protest environment, inform public
         Division 3 - The councillors     232.    What is the role of a councillor?
"(2) The role of a councillor is, as an elected person: 
• to represent the interests of the residents and ratepayers
• to provide leadership and guidance to the community
• to facilitate communication between the community and the council. "
There you go.
Good luck Keith et al,
Tom McLoughlin, ecology action


Posted by editor at 10:39 AM NZT
Sunday, 15 July 2007
Sunday free to air tv political talkies: Laura Norder walks in on Keatonomics love in
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: election Oz 2007


Picture: Taken by the author last Sunday 8th July full house to our right, 2nd season return, we sat in the middle of the crowd 5 rows from front. Same numbers to the left. Every show? Polling suggests Sydney is "walking away from Howard"? The song by the Howard strutting character bellowing "I want power" is great art. But the script went soft on Keating who loved the stuff at least as much. And now? Is Paul seeking some redemption for past environmental sins?



Author’s general introductory note (skip this if you know this regular weekly column): ]



This is not a well packaged story. It’s a contemporaneous traverse of the Sunday television free to air political talkies indicating the agenda of Establishment interests: Better to know ones rivals and allies  in Big Politics and Big Media.





Indeed it’s the tv version monitoring task similar to what Nelson Mandela refers to here in his book Long Walk to Freedom (1994, Abacus) written in Robben Island prison (where he was meant to die like other African resister chiefs of history in the 19C), at page 208





“..newspapers are only a shadow of reality; their information is important to a freedom fighter not because it reveals the truth, but because it discloses the biases and perceptions of both those who produce the paper and those who read it.”


Just substitute ‘Sunday tv political talkie shows’ for "newspapers" in the quote above.





For actual transcripts go to web sites quoted below except with Riley Diary on 7. And note transcripts don’t really give you the image content value.






Media backgrounder:


Shari Markson conservative hyena is working out of Canberra press bureau now for News Ltd.




Last Thursday ABC Great Global Warming Swindle bogus doco ends up an own goal for the skeptics as quality of real science, especially diamond sharp David Karoly shines through.




ABC radio runs NSW raids on organized crime bikie gangs echoing Sunday 9 and press last week.




P2 Milne story re Sun Telegraph Greg Rudd gives himself out, walks, but as lobbyist made donations to different parties, so no real surprises, for sake of his brother’s prime ministerial future. Good man. Just like his good wife. Says its union revenge but I wonder as donations are to Lib Nats so why not simple adversialism




Aust colour mag on Gillard some choice quotes:



World Today abc radio show at midday with Eleanor Hall is made of stern stuff and hosed a Tele story with this:


School bans 'Sorry Song'

A school in NSW has banned students from singing a song with lyrics that calls for an apology to be given to Aboriginal people. A NSW politician is worried that young children are being indoctrinated while at school, but the song's composer doesn't know what all the fuss is about.

The Telegraph web version Wednesday was amended to the State Govt via Della Bosca hanging tough and refusing to pull the song off its curriculum.
Presumably all this affected the Telegraph approach. But my feeling is an broadcast email from SAM, and confrontation of information (meeting what I suspect was the Howard inspired sleaze in the federal marginal seat on the south coast with significant Aboriginal population), helped neutralise the story. The counter evidence may well have leaked to such as Keating via federal colleagues in his party.
Paul Keating is in the radio news later that day with a speech attacking Howard 'glorifying nationalistic Gallipoli which he compares with Kokoda, and being intolerant and constantly suspicious of other cultures' which keating calls being unpatriotic.
The Telegraph has run a near fatal front pager attack on Howard instead Thursday. Maybe because the gambit fed to them via Howard running dogs fell flat, and they have gone the punisher for their editorial exposure.
And nothing exceeds like success: Howard is on the abc radio just now having forgotten his Franklin seat candidate playing into the 'he's past it, under pressure, time for a change' - story of the Opposition. From experience, you forget and stumble when you are under desperate pressure. No doubt you know the feeling too in politics.

Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 12:53 PM
Subject: Judith Adjani (nee Clark) feature in The Australian

In this article last Saturday this academic economist tells it like it is really is, and criticises the federal ALP/Forest union/industry complex mercilessly in the process:
After shaking my head and noting this last lost 12 years of personal sacrifice I added a long submission about failure of green ngo leadership which will within 5 or 10 years see the woodchippers move to rollback National Park boundaries on any fake pretext - say to prevent wildfire - when in fact they cause it with patchwork and canopy/water cycle destruction.
But I will spare you.
Also there were a few letters in Tuesday edition of the Australian and the colour mag feature of Julia Gillard is indirectly related. As is Keating buying back in publicly labelling Michael OConner a Labor rat.
How true. And not the only rat on the landscape. My hope is that the ALP are getting ready to destroy him from within, especially with Rudd so far ahead in the polls they just won't need him. Especially with the economics so out of whack.
I will hold that submission for a more timely moment. Perhaps post election.







10 Meet the Press 8-8.30 am


The gorgeous Deborah Knight again.

Lawyer don’t fight the politicians.


Today’s papers – don’t refer to SunHerald in Sydney?


Ruddock looking weary, missed the throw, but its Laura Norder zeal on display. Howard footage looking chipper about law and order [they are my laws, I passed them.]


Q. 12 days so long? Blah blah answer.


Q. Haneef a bit of a lab rat?


Blah blah, sounding officious.


Amusing footage of budgie biting K Rudd. Laughs naturally, a good look. First ad break.


Panel: Alison Carabine and Tom Allard SMH


APEC rah rah Ruddock talks up “potential” for trouble, again officious daddy postures.




TA – weapons of foreign agents? Kept confidential. Need?


TA – AQ bleak assessment strong/er? Blah blah answer, downgraded in Indonesia. Nordim Top still at large. Concerns remain.


AC – polls are “bleak” 3 months away. Ruddock PM focused on winning after decades work together. [as per Richard Farmer tag team thesis].




AC – you are the “grandfather of the house” still at 64 stay on? [looks 104, but Law and Order daddy agenda is his forte for granddads].


DR – positive political bounce? – thinking parallel to me – Disingenuous denial, but demeanour says it all, replays “most important human right is right to life”




Said something about Opposition support but not on sedition?




TA – after 3 years these laws for Haneef, no review, when?


[this is the business] PR – when established Schiller review was done. Dead bat.


Nicholson amusing animation – Howard singing yesterday . Very funny,. Find it at The Australian, very cutting but still premature? Howard defiant late last week in front pager Daily Telegraph [don’t write me off]


2nd ad break


Expert Dr Ron Silverberg. Footage of Howard claims greater ability to keep interest rates down – sounding stale. Resonates but less so.



Housing affordability – ALP domestic agenda. [ In the shade this last day or two.]



Rental stress is the untold story in this problem.


“Opportunity for national leadership”


Discounts builders warranty insurance after HIH on the discount.


Transcript in due course www.ten.com.au/meetthepress







7 Weekend Sunrise, 8.35-40 am Riley Diary  -


Preface – Gerald Stone sledge of 9.


Rough week thesis re forgetful PM,


Ruddometer – when its comes to ….16. On the question of…. Howard copying? When it comes to…*


Budgie footage – “Pollie wants a Kevin” who says never work with animals.


Magoo footage – Oh PM you’ve done it again.


Discussion – slip was indicative of a negative spiral, [but end of week is Big Daddy catch up]


Greg Rudd -


[* as per this email of mine, buried there about ‘when it comes to political skeletons of Robert Hill:


Sent: Friday, July 13, 2007 9:14 PM

Subject: adviser is not an employment appellation, it's when you give advice just like the industry 'greenhouse mafia'


As regards Guy Pearse I think it's a joke for Kerr or Brown to split hairs. In real politik outside the stuffy halls of Canberra, the germane aspect is whether one gives advice, especially where it is invited, accepted and then applied by the minister. Pearse is clearly an adviser applying the literal rule of statutory interpretation because he suggested stuff and it was used by Hill apparently. It matters not a jot whether Pearse was a ministerial staffer, public servant private citizen, party member or lobbyist at the same time. In the end perhaps Hill would be the only person able to really corroborate who he actually  listened too of many voices. Even so, and speaking from experience, if Pearse can point to his own research and words turning up in Hansard in a lengthy speech or at a public rally delivered by his MP - that's what I call 'an adviser'. And that is exactly Pearse's thesis - it seems the industry 'greenhouse mafia' to quote 4 Corners terminology were even bigger advisers to the Coalition ministers on climate change than Pearse or Brown or Kerr ever were, no govt wage at all. No real suprises there. For me when it comes to political skeletons it's this (ha ha) - what did Hill know of AWB bribes via Defence intel, before it all blew up in the the govt's face and is that really why he got the shove as Defence Minister? Knew too much? To avoid Q&A before QCs in the Cole so called Royal Commission choreography? I put John Anderson in this category too. Ditched their ministries before it got sticky? I think Hill did exactly know about AWB before hand. Let him deny it. If he didn't already know he's incompetent and you can say many things about Hill but dumb or incompetent would never be one of them. He must have seen defence briefings about AWB and Iraq. Why indeed was Hill not even subpoened? What a white wash.

Tom McLoughlin

editor background ]











News wrap leads with more terrorism suspect/charge stories. [Is the public used to this now anyway?] Oakes goes with Wayne Swan.

Same with 7 news wrap -


Chopper Read feature, very articulate reformed crim. Demons of today. Softer guy healing via a good marriage. Adam Shand fantastic report, follows previous strong report by Coultard last week on bikie whistleblower, and Shand on depression in the legal industry.


Keep this up and Sunday 9 will be back. Just need to balance with a few less blokey stories of similar depth.


Iraq story by Ross Greenwood – Humvee not armour protection, Australian troops have the right kit – bushmaster beats humvee for killer IED. Made by ADI. Duch bought 28.


Big scandal of lack of US govt procurement of Australian designed and manufactured bush master. 15 tonne big car. ‘Homegrown US industry at the expense of its own troops.’


John Howard sounds “hollow”. This is a very damaging story as to competence of this govt on national security. ‘Would have saved hundreds of US lives.’

Ad break - Grandfather/grandson workchoices advert prior to Oakes with Opposition Treasurer Wayne Swan.


- Greg Rudd resignation: docs leaked from the union versus ALP? Disagrees held by Nat/Libs.


- domestic cost of living q's. "mortgage stress" x 10.


- solutions based campaigning.


- Oakes says cheap shots not very useful, probitive (my word). Disagrees - practical, positive solutions. [goes the general transparency angle - which is sound re "price gouging"]


Guarantee price pretrol or groceries lower?


No but transparency, maximum effort to stop rip offs.


Goes the squandering the boom line, feeds into inequity envy [this is profoundly true leveraging human nature, rather be paid $50 if neighbour is paid $25, than paid $100 if neighbour is paid $200! (Think about it.)]


Laurie looking very well. Lost weight. Swan fluffs a question may have misheard - who is candidate (Kevin Harkness, alleged union thug, not current MP retiring Harry Quick) but recovers fine, it will run tonight though on the bulletins.


missed the last bit.


polls quesstion - should PM Howard step down before the election


last week - 54% said terrorism attack inevitable in Australia, 36% said not. But from which party, swinging voters?



Insiders 2


Cost of living agenda this week hurt Howard:


[as per our email here:


Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 3:50 PM

Subject: grumpy public ... "everyones poor", an anecdote from voter land

All this week it's been the Toyota Liteace van rego - only the mechanic faults my rack and tie rod steering gear for "excessive play". What the f... is that? It's off to the car manual, grovel inspection, 2 wreckers, crash course in ball joints, knuckles, steering shop, Pedders and two Repco franchisees (all invariably polite and friendly). $200 south and many km cycling, and that's even before the govt and insurance can bite me for $700. Whew. I ask naively at the last place why don't people repair the rubber boots (these are the black foldy things that go over the steering arms) with black silicon rubber sealant instead of buying new ones at 2 x $18 each ? To paraphrase the answer:  'Because it's only $11.50 for new ones here [Repco].' So I say - "I suppose it's only poor people like me who wonder". He says in a chummy way "Everyone's poor". Well relatively speaking.

I doubt the counter guy reads crikey or worries about high brow ABC current affairs or any of that. But either he felt poor on a full time job or that's how he reads his customers, or both. Self selecting maybe as customers like me get spares and do the grunt work themselves. But makes me wonder if the bite is on. 

Tom McLoughlin




Talent is Downer interviewed.


Downer talks up Patreas briefing, but he advised talent on radio national of years if not decades in such a conflict, more interested in promotion than the truth. Calls up the famed US military ability at PR conviction spin – re watch movie Salvador – death squads roaming the county and USA big media dutifully report the official line – all is well with our friendly domestic govt in [Iraq].


Downer spin bipartisan support for Occupation in the USA – includes Clinton and Obama. But ignores $60B hit on USA budget in the last 6 months plus hundreds their soldiers killed. Talks up endless “work” in Iraq, Aghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan etc.


Downer sounding officiously Daddy like Ruddock and Howard above. “What I think ….” Ignores CIA listing of AQ at no.5 in Iraq. Chutzpah central by Downer here.


[No doubt feeling a political opportunity but how real, like the budget polls bounce, the Black kids overboard welfare ‘plan’, Productivity economics debate, will Laura Norder be another damp squib for Howard and Coalition.]


Downer aims dagger at Opposition, won’t welcome Rudd bipartisanship on anti terrorism. Cassidy quotes an Age editorial that after 12 days fairly trivial charge? Downer chips Age, but also Sunday Telegraph reads very contrary also noting “indefinite detention by stealth” quoting the Law Council concern, not endorsing it, but noting politicization concern “….showed the kind of support the public had given us [Kelty/AFP] ……That sounds like a lot like: the public want the bloke charges, so we [Kelty, AFP] charged him.”


Every person segment – cost of living food prices.


Panel: Fran Kelly, abc radio national. Says front pages for cheap announcement.[disagree keeping big business honest is the sleeper everyone understands, is Rudd willing to take the test? Actually, lack of  transparency IS the main problem with market capitalism and everyone knows that, except these overpaid journos. Transparency is the news.]


Milne – with specs again. [Rising above his vanity?]


George Meglogenis – The Australian.


[discusses weaknesses of Rudd idea, but get it wrong as above]


Paul Kelly soliloquy – very effective tactic of Rudd. Alternative approach neutralize Howard on the economy. Rich economy but stressed households.


[missed some of this to see impressive Chopper/wife story]


Kelly says media adding value, framing stories that fit the ALP narrative. Comment on “media performance”


“very bad week for John Howard” Makes my point/post on SAM re front pages, about Daily Telegraph running against Howard.


Footage of Costello ridicule of Rudd on 7.30 didn’t work against Rudd despite trying. But they are missing the lack of transparency from one supermarket to the next leveraging price increases through enforced ignorance. Transparency is the main deficit and false assumption of capitalism, and a constant lie in big box shopping developments.


Discussion – descend into house property religious peregrinations (like Harry Potter, in fact Meglo is a Harry Potter type).


Bill Leak Talking Pictures – missed this for Greenwood story, got to webcast in due course, always good value.


Scepticism of web based stuff.


Marijuana in the past, stays in the past, not very relevant if no today. Meglo notes households self medicating with retail therapy.


Home page is http://www.abc.net.au/insiders/


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Saturday, 14 July 2007
SAM Toyota Lite Ace van for sale $1,100 or nearest offer
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: donations to SAM

The moment of truth has arrived, the repairs are done and the new pink slip has been issued. And although our work vehicle would be very useful in the lead up to the federal election, market stalls for environmental education and to report the news budget and lifestyle concerns mean we have decided to go the bicycle unless a white knight turns up with $700 for the on road costs (insurance and govt charges).

Here are the details for sale of the van:

For sale  $1,100 ONO, Toyota Liteace 1990


Rego expired 4th July 07, see new pink slip, 2 seater, 4 cylinder, great fuel economy, manual, 5 speed. Very handy space. Goes well. Heavy duty battery, radio cassette, good tread + 3 spare tyres. Steering lock. New L/R tie rod, rack ends.  Have to sell - job/bicycle change.



Call Tom 0410 558838




Postscript #1 19th July 07 - our new bike trailer, original design. Not quite a Hills Hoist but we still feel quite proud. It's all about the attachment method to the rear of the bike that counts.





Patent pending (not): Take 2 old bikes, 2 x 20 cm bolts, power drill, 4 big U bolts, 3 little U bolts, a light metal pole, 3 lengths of wood, 2 bright coloured bread crates. And 4 days of stuffing around trial and error in a shed.



Postscript #2 25th July 2007

Well it looks like some guardian angels have chipped in to keep us mobile in the months up to the federal election so will be registering the van after all:


Carol Seckers -$50

Jill Redoood - $200

Bob Walshe - $500

Terry Cutcliffe- $300 in return for 2 days building work for NAIDOC day) at the Addison Rd Gallery - see the new outdoor veranda there.


Assuming cheques all clear which we do it's still lots of cycling but extra capacity with the van also, like this recent electioneering mission with stickers in the seat of Wentworth 1st August 2007



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Friday, 13 July 2007
Kids activity day NAIDOC celebrations Addison Rd Community Centre
Mood:  happy
Topic: indigenous
    Photographs by Vivienne Dadour, adapted by the editor here.



Linda Burney MP launches NAIDOC week action at Addison Gallery Marrickville 2pm Sunday 8th July 07


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Howard plane crash in the polls front page of the Sydney Daily Telegraph
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Topic: election Oz 2007

High circulation Sydney Daily Telegraph this last 2 days, which has also been running a determined attack over lack of airport security with two of their journalists facing criminal charges, as here page 3 7th July 2007: Howard 'all talk' on air safety | The Daily Telegraph

Notice in the right hand front page the departure from house style guidelines of inclusion of a question mark. We can't remember the last time we saw the SDT include a question mark in one of their stripped back headlines.

As an example if they had a headline 'Is it a hot day' they would leave off the '?'. We find this annoying enough changing an innocent or neutral query to an rhetorical implied conclusion, in this example 'we at the newspaper think its damn hot today, so should you .....if you have any brains'. There is no reasonable doubt either way allowed in such a house style.

This sounds a trivial matter of style, but what about this hypothetical headline about war not weather: 'Should we go to war in Iraq' with no '?'. We submit removal of the question mark implies the position of the newspaper and the politically acceptable answer of the 70% press controlled News Ltd across the land: "Yes of course we should go to war to stop[choose] WMD/Saddam tyranny/Al Qaeda links". No reasonable doubt about it is the politics in the omitted '?'.

We say the lost '?' at the SDT is another subtle mind fuck of the public.

But what about the Telegraph inclusion of the '?' above? It's probably seeking to capture the context of Howard's radio interview and reinforcing his painful state of confusion on air noticed by all the commentators. The ALP wisely are adding nothing, letting the slip up do its viral marketing impact all on its own. No need to over egg this pudding. In this way the question mark compounds criticism of Howard for losing the polls. Ouch.

On another aspect of Big Media, the sister paper The Australian, often seen as rusted on to Howard's Coalition in its polling coverage, has an unflattering picture today of the said name forgotten candidate presenting her a bit like a village idiot. As if to say she is intrinscially forgettable. Talk about cruel visual spin. It's on page 4 top right if you want to check the image out.

As regards positive visual spin how's this collage comparing Julia Gillard as Deputy ALP leader in the middle looking very Deputy Prime Ministerial, compared to Hilary Clinton left or actress Geena Davis in US drama Commander in Chief as first female Pres:

Call us sexist but like crikey.com's Christian Kerr we have noticed for quite a while now her hair care salesman partner is a one great presentation asset for the highly intelligent Ms Gillard. She just seems happier in life too. She might have been her working class dad's favourite, who maybe missed out some of the girlie conditioning, but Gillard seems to be doing a hell of alot of successful catchup in the visual grooming stakes now as expected of high power.

In her case one presumes it's a tool of trade not a value in its own right. Dignified threads woman, you've earned it surely. Tools of trade.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2007
CEC nutters get behind bogus doco on ABC, top scientists laugh at dumb Aussies?
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Topic: globalWarming

We read this yesterday which we believe because it sources reputable science:


We received this late last night [italic added] which we do not believe because it is not based on reputable science:


Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 11:05 PM
Subject: Watch The Great Global Warming Swindle this Thursday!  
Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
Media Release  10th of July 2007

Craig Isherwood, National Secretary
PO Box 376, COBURG, VIC, 3058
Phone: 03 9354 0544 Fax: 03 9354 0166
Website: http://www.cecaust.com.au 

Find out why man-made Global Warming is a fraud!
Watch :

JULY 12, 2007
Simulcast ABC Newsradio, ABC2 Digital


Originally screened by British Channel 4 on March 8th, this must-see documentary, with irrefutable science, shows that CO2 does not drive climate change. Natural climate change cycles are actually driven by the radiation output of the Sun, astronomical cycles, and cosmic rays. This film is driving Al Gore and the global warming hoaxters crazy!

After the documentary, ABC's three hour feature will include an interview with the producer, Martin Durkin, and dialogue between a panel of experts and studio audience.

For more information on what really causes climate change contact
Citizens Electoral Council on:
1800 636 432



We hope you found this message to be useful. However, if you'd rather not receive future e-mails of this sort from us reply to exclude@cecaust.com.au with PLEASE EXCLUDE in the subject line.
The Citizens Electoral Council is a registered political party and this message is a designated commercial electronic message as defined under Schedule 1 of the Spam Act 2003.
The CEC will not give or sell your e-mail address to any other organisation.


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Tuesday, 10 July 2007
Looking Forward Looking Blak: Exhibition 142 Addison Rd Marrickville
Mood:  special
Topic: indigenous

NAIDOC celebrations are held around Australia in the first full week in July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

NAIDOC originally stood for ‘National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee’. This committee was once responsible for organising national activities during NAIDOC Week (see History of NAIDOC), and its acronym has become the name of the week itself.

The week is celebrated not just in the Indigenous community, but also in increasing numbers of government agencies, schools, local councils and workplaces.

At the local Marrickville Addison Rd Community Centre a big event was held last Sunday 8th July 2007 with more events all week there with more detail here:  Linda Burney MP launches NAIDOC week action at Addison Gallery 2pm Sunday 8th July 07

Here are images of the launch at ARC:

Postscript #1 11th July 2007

While most Big Media are involved in supporting the underlying positive message behind NAIDOC, politically minded people probably unwisely seek to leverage the event. This was evident in the event above in some speechmaking but we didn't bother to report it because it was a negative energy compared to the greater truth of such a friendly positive cross cultural vibe as proven by the artwork too showing a love of land, love of life, love of humanity.

That is not to say some artworks were not cutting in their politics too. So it's not reality to sanitise/ go all Pollyanna either. These messages of the Indigenous are pretty strong in the Big Media on January 26th Australia Day aka Invasion Day aka Survivial Day. But it is a choice, and here at SAM we make an ethical editorial decision to amplify the "celebration" as per our introduction which is a straight lift from the official NAIDOC website.

Which brings us to today front page poison headline in today's low rent Sydney Daily Telegraph appealing to the white trash One Nation types

referring to this "sorry song" about the stolen generation subject of a federal govt report called Bringing Them Home in a NSW School songbook.

Here is their deliberately provocative, argumentative piece that inevitably leads to angst tension and dissension:

Kids sing Aborigine apology

Kids taught to sing Aborigine apology

CHILDREN as young as eight are being taught to sing sorry to Aborigines in a widely distributed song book, sparking concerns that NSW students are being "politically indoctrinated".


But for all those schools with lots of Aboriginal and non Aboriginal kids it's probably a great song as per this very profound witness of Bob Randall and his very well known song "Brown Skin Baby .... they take him away" which actually happened to the artist at age 7:


Funny isn't it how our kids are supposed to learn about the death and heroism of Gallipoli, but not about the sad history of Australia too. We read the other day of how anti semitism should not be sanitised in another context. Well exactly.

Another ugly editorial performance by the Daily Telegraph. It's not a song of shame. It's a song of historical reality. By the by, the first picture above by Barbara Weir is based on her experience as a child of hiding in the long grass for hours whenever the white welfare officers came to "steal" her from her parents. The price tag is $26,500.

What is quite wicked is the sneaky way the Telegraph headline is slyly equivocal, from one angle addressing a past 'shameful' situation of stolen children, but then leading into a text attacking schools for allegedly politicising children as the 'real' shame. Gallipoli anyone - conscription, abuse of colonials by British idiot generals, warfare to solve international disagreements .....?

Here is the Bob Randall tune - and it takes a heart of ice and stone to deny the emotional power of the song for its tenderness           

YouTube - Bob Randall: "Brown Skin Baby (They Took Me Away)"

Postscript #2 12th July 2007


Cllr Dominic Wy Kanak  Dominic Wy Kanak - Greens
message (w) 93698027
(mob) 0401 006 380
(h) 9130 8460

From: DominicK@waverley
To: "ecology action australia" Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 1:56 PM
Subject: Re: Great Bob Randall Song - Brown Skin Baby on You Tube, refer Daily Telegraph troublemaking today

> Good article Tom , Give it to 'em Brother ....
> THAN..X..
> dominic


Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 9:20 AM
Subject: Re: Great Bob Randall Song - Brown Skin Baby on You Tube, refer Daily Telegraph troublemaking today

Hey Cr Dominic. Really encouraging to get your feedback for all those cross cultural reasons. You've stuck it out 8 years there now at Waverley. Moving on in Sept? You must be very determined. Great stuff. One of the best things I ever did was handing over the baton. Even when those ALP cynics went for you via the Telegraph and your litigation efforts.
My feeling is, it's worth pushing George Newhouse federal campaign along too, even though he is tainted with the ALP thuggery.
On reflection my post on the Smelly story was strong for timeliness and combination which is my expertise, but nothing without referencing to such great original Indigenous work. Pretty humbling that artistry and the song by Bob Randall too. I've been lucky to see artwork in the Prado in Madrid, Louvre in Paris, Gaudi garden in Barcellona and one of the Picasso Museums. The best Aboriginal artwork is as grand and inspiring and different again - a real privilege to see. And probably more than Australia deserves. As the old saying goes -a  thing of beauty is a joy forever.
I helped build the roof of the veranda to the ARC art gallery 2 working days over the last two weekends and then it started to rain a bit on the launch day. How excellent. Good turn out too.
There are some hidden ripple effects of that post of mine. I broadcast emailed to state and federal MP's. Only extra right wing Stoner for Nats at state level took up the Smelly thesis of  'school song political correctness' on abc radio. A far better description of Gallipoli war glorification to children (see below) if you ask me. Then the Telegraph failed to crank it's Wednesday front pager run up to the weekend for today's Thursday edition. (will have to check the inside pages and other press)
I rang abc morning show at 6.45 am then 7.15 am, and news radio room at 8.15 am and they all declined to "meet the Telegraph's power" with contrasting material, as I suggested to them because it would just draw attention to the poison (my word). But World Today abc radio show at midday with Eleanor Hall is made of sterner stuff and hosed the Tele story with this:
School bans 'Sorry Song'

A school in NSW has banned students from singing a song with lyrics that calls for an apology to be given to Aboriginal people. A NSW politician is worried that young children are being indoctrinated while at school, but the song's composer doesn't know what all the fuss is about.

The Telegraph web version Wednesday amended to the State Govt via Della Bosca hanging tough and refusing to pull the song off its curriculum.
Presumably all this affected the Telegraph approach today. Wait for Fri and Saturday. But my feeling is that broadcast email of mine, and confrontation of information (meeting what I suspect was the Howard inspired sleaze in the federal marginal seat on the south coast with significant Aboriginal population), helped neutralise the story. My email counter evidence may well have leaked to such as Keating via federal colleagues in his party.
Now Paul Keating is in the radio news today from a speech last night attacking Howard 'glorifying nationalistic Gallipoli which he compares with Kokoda, and being intolerant and constantly suspicious of other cultures' which keating calls being unpatriotic.
The Telegraph has run a near fatal front pager attack on Howard instead today. Maybe because the gambit fed to them via Howard running dogs fell flat, and they have gone the punisher for their editorial exposure.
And nothing exceeds like success: Howard is on the abc radio just now having forgotten his Franklin seat candidate playing into the 'he's past it, under pressure, time for a change' - story of the Opposition. From experience, you forget and stumble when you are under desperate pressure. No doubt you know the feeling too in politics.
Kind regards, Tom

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Sunday, 8 July 2007
Sunday political talkies: Louise Barry Get Up advert slams dunks cynical oil politics
Mood:  chatty
Topic: election Oz 2007

www.getup.org.au/campaign/PleaseMrHoward, which ran on channel 10 Sunday morning and maybe elsewhere.


Author’s general introductory note (skip this if you know this regular weekly column):




This is not a well packaged story. It’s a contemporaneous traverse of the Sunday television free to air political talkies indicating the agenda of Establishment interests: Better to know ones rivals and allies  in Big Politics and Big Media.





Indeed it’s the tv version monitoring task similar to what Nelson Mandela refers to here in his book Long Walk to Freedom (1994, Abacus) written in Robben Island prison (where he was meant to die like other African resister chiefs of history in the 19C), at page 208





“..newspapers are only a shadow of reality; their information is important to a freedom fighter not because it reveals the truth, but because it discloses the biases and perceptions of both those who produce the paper and those who read it.”



Just substitute ‘Sunday tv political talkie shows’ for "newspapers" in the quote above.





For actual transcripts go to web sites quoted below except with Riley Diary on 7. And note transcripts don’t really give you the image content value.






Media backgrounder:




Saturday Sydney Telegraph was a LauraNorder howler. Details include:





-         page 5 grovelling apology to legal referees of Dr Patrick Power convicted, now on appeal of serious user of child porn. And all is revealed on page 1 SMH (who repeat their rival's blunder in their eagerness to embarrass the Telegraph by) referring to “perverts mates” in $480K defamation settlement, with more suits likely to come. The point being giving references in a legal trial doesn’t really equate to friendship of to a "pervert" if they didn’t know at the relevant time. They might just believe in telling the truth about their narrow knowledge of him: The Dr Jekyl to the hidden Mr Hyde. My guess the Herald are thus just as guilty of defamation with their own headline. Ironic eh?



-         So you’d think the Saturday Telegraph might go softer on loose allegations – no, page 1 banner headline referring to “Aussie raids/FIVE foreign ‘terror’ doctors in WA and NSW” Yep – it’s the unreconstructed law and order tub thump, when the radio news same morning says ALL FIVE have been released after mere questioning. Derr.



-         But in case there is any doubt about the vigour of LauraNorder we have at page 8 and 9 same SDT “Mad doctor cell linked to Sydney”,



-         NSW ALP desperate to get in on the act with “We’re going to smoke ‘em out” p13, “Another fine mess” page 14 “CSI Sydney: $22m for hi-tech crime lab” on page 19.



-         But don’t worry if you are white and nice, it will be allright, even if you commit $340K tax fraud and your name is Glenn Wheatley: “Stars rally to defend shame tax dodger” – it's all in the picture, blonde glamour wife, inset Farnham, Newton, 2 other nobodies from the cartoon infotainment world.




Meanwhile in the geo political LawNorder blooding curdling farce known as the Iraq War “Downer admits safety of oil key to Iraq war” page 14 Sydney Morning Herald 7/7/07 proving it is a lucky day for the Coalition since this should have been page 1 in place of other shallow stories, reinforcing our recent traverse of the Minister Nelson ‘incompetence/truth telling’ on oil motives (to quote Opposition Wayne Swan on Meet The Press today).


7/7/07 is 2 year anniversary of 52 killed London Tube bombing which is where Louise Barry comes into it below via Get Up.



We also noticed in The Australian, to be circulated (surely) in the seat of Wentworth to green leaning Liberal voters - "Turnbull 'helped' in Gunns case" - that is promoting old growth woodchipping disgrace. P7 5/7/07.




More weirdness p10 4/7/07 "Go green to lure recruits, military told" which surely is the converse of this in the press yesterday also in the Herald 7/7/07 p14 quoting "alleged bombmaker ....Kafeel Ahmed" using "global warming" as a cover for his international terrorism plans. Not fair on us greenies. 


Prescient article in Sydney City Hub indy press May 2007 p6 "Urgent action needed for Aboriginal Australia" (offline) by Chris Graham, editor of National Indigenous Times, and Walkley Award etc winner.


Also relevant to Meet the Press coverage section below is this:


Everest melt pictures earlier this year June 1 07 Sydney Daily Telegraph page 11,


and our report of Australian Climbing Festival themes here on SAM several months ago – at PM visit to Bega [didn’t report anti logging protest for 3 hours on main road through town:

Prime Minister John Howard visits, protester jams taffic

Last Update: Thursday, July 5, 2007. 11:20am AEST

By ABC South East

The Prime Minister John Howard travelled to the South East of NSW to address a reception in Bega.

An anti-woodchip protest was staged, coinciding with the visit and causing congestion in the main street of Bega. Protester, Scott Daines chained himself by the neck to a logging truck at a set of traffic lights when the logging truck was stationary.

For over 3 hours, the southbound lane of the Princes Highway was blocked while police considered how to manage the situation.

While one block up the hill at the RSL Club, the Prime Minster was speaking to an invitation only get-together as people concerned about the government's new industrial relations laws formed a silent protest outside the RSL.

Members of the Clean Energy for Eternity Group had also stationed themselves outside the club to make their point on environmental awareness.

While in the South East of NSW, the Prime Minister John Howard announced the Commonwealth will contribute ten million dollars toward building a pipeline from the Bega River to Yellowpinch Dam near Merimbula.

The project aims to drought proof a number of towns in the Bega Valley Shire and is estimated to cost a total of $20 million dollars.

Mr Howard told ABC South East Radio that he would welcome a debate about housing affordability in the upcoming electorate, citing 17 per cent interest rates under Labor's Paul Keating.

According to Mr Howard, "If the Labor Party want to make interest rates an election well we will remind them from the beginning of the campaign until the end that housing interest rates hit 17 per cent under Mr Keating. They've been dramatically lower under this government."

The Labor candidate for the seat of Eden Monaro, Colonel Mike Kelly also took the opportunity to comment.

He said people are really struggling at the moment to pay their mortgages. "When you listen to Mr Howard talk about interest rates it's the pot calling the kettle black, back in his time we had astronomical interest rates back over the 20 per cent interest mark", he said.

Mr Kelly continued, "The real issue at the moment is what's been revealed with the Treasury papers that have been acquired which show just how much of an impact the cost of financing loans has become these days. It's just massively eroded people's disposable income and that's having a huge impact on Eden Monaro."


Between 2,500 and 3,000 trees from SE NSW and East Gippsland are cut down every working day to supply the Eden chipmill
CHIPSTOP campaign against woodchipping the SE forests, 02-64923134, PO Box 797 Bega NSW 2550 Australia, http://www.chipstop.forests.org.au



10 Meet the Press 8-8.30 am




Sunday press round up – missed the start – Live Earth concert, massive truck bomb in Iraq




Wayne Swan is talent to preface Treasurer on Insiders, who will be with Oakes? Sledges govt re productivity etc discussion of security etc under Rudd.




Protester of the week – “eye candy” good male body, in brief swimmers saying there is no snow, climate change – like Everest picture in backgrounder above.





Adbreak – Get Up – Louise Barry – terrorism victim call to get out of the mess in Iraq. Very powerful stripped back home, polished boards, serious injury, clear language. Humble. Preface Monica Attard 9pm tonight of Brett Solomon as ALP front group or not?





Panel is Fran Kelly RN ABC, Glen Milne – several curly testers well briefed with treasury arguments [source is Costello himself?]. Kelly backs up. Swan holds own, fast talking, energetic, focused, no word trip ups. Leans back holding forth.




Milne looking more studious in glasses, lost weight, new suit suits him, stripes to offset the tubb. Does sharply himself.




Healers as killers in Bill Leak cartoon. Grim, sad stuff. Trouble is a healer can’t fix a tsunami of death as per the Middle East. It’s psycho meltdown for many of these doctors. [A contact in the Greens Avi Lemberg told me once it’s the little kids that knock you hard – and that was in Sydney, let alone over there via war.]




2nd Ad break – running extract of Get Up advert again. Prof Clive Williams – is she right? Gives credence, greater threat, Govt will say existed before. Very factual mild.




Milne – Paul OSullivan ASIO head says well educated as likely terrorist attacker. Tends to agree. Milne presses him on foreign airline pilots? How many here?




Kelly another scary scenario – phone call from Australia as trigger of a car bomb possible?




Transcript in due course www.ten.com.au/meetthepress









7 Weekend Sunrise, 8.35-40 am Riley Diary  -





Howard in his electorate fruit shop with some ripper juxtapositions with coconuts etc. Satire about scissors, Hawke swearing in jest, serious sledge of polls under cover of astrology satire, Rudd less repetitive. Q & A about housing market upcoming this week or so.


Good laugh, great footage.











Sunday 9


Full on bikie organized crime story with Ross Coulthard. Goes hard, big Sunday 9 play. Whoa. Chilling. Corrupt either direct or systemic Qld police in the picture. Informant in another country building his new home. No wonder Beatie wants to get out.



Oakes interview with Ruddock – increasingly the crumpled pasty faced man. Just spoke for 60 seconds but not sure he said anything (?).



Teases out detention powers. How mad is this about phone calls from Australia as a trigger device. Ruddock waffles – sounds bogus, as Barry Cassidy says.



Doctors funding line of q from Oakes – this has more resonance – good wage. Ruddock says no comment in 60 seconds.



All released except original Haneef in Qld – in the clear? [A new David Hicks, hanging their hat on his one way ticket, but what does that mean? Dual passport? Cheaper fares?]



Here comes the alarm over well educated folks being a threat.



Oakes is very subdued and deferential, as if he has been fed some secret information to go soft. Solidarity amongst geriatrics, cynicism of the vain old men?



New law draft about any media advocacy terrorism. Wants States to be involved.








Insiders 2



Provenance of oil as cause of Iraq War – Age on Thursday, Nelson added to it. ALP pushed it along. Missed start of Peter Costello Treasurer – ideological commitment to democracy in Iraq, what has it done for them asks BC in Palestine or Iraq, more ideology.



Discusses housing prices, admits high, says not quite as high. Indigenous emergency – asks for goodwill, and grace. Will take more than 2 or 3 months.



Panel – Annabel Crabb Fairfax, Brian Toohey Fairfax Akerman News Ltd Telegraph shrieker, Akerman.



Paul Kelly soliloquy  on broad defence strategy.



Panel blather. Annabel Crabb sounding a little deferential and subdued maybe for her story dumping on Akerman’s paper and fearful of same.



Windup comments – Toohey says no Tampa arriving, consensus polls are adverse trend. [Cowards scared to predict Howard done, but fair enough given cornered rodent bites hard even in death throes.]



Akerman gives the game away that Get Up advert is strong stuff – hopelessly claims Louise Barry is exploited, which may well be sexist, certainly plain wrong given she is doing it calmly and with real determination.




Home page is http://www.abc.net.au/insiders/


Also great segment repeats via webcast here:





Postscript #1 Monday 9th July 2007


Downer and Howard are busy warning us of risks of travel in Indonesia here via webcast:


News Video | Sun, 08 Jul 2007 18:16:00 +1000 | Duration 45s

The Department of Foreign Affairs is warning of imminent terrorist attacks in Indonesia, possibly in Bali.

But that's not what happened before the Bali bombing killing 200+ including 88 Australians according to this VERY DISTURBING intelligence leak on open source:

on this man's watch - Minister Alexander Downer:





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Saturday, 7 July 2007
Linda Burney MP launches NAIDOC week action at Addison Gallery 2pm Sunday 8th July 07
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Topic: indigenous
2007 NAIDOC Poster Competition winning entry

Tyeli Hannah poster design winner




Sunday 8 July: Exhibition of paintings, carvings, and artefacts by more than 60 artists. Exhibition opens at 2pm; Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony. Introduction by Yvette Andrews, President of Addison Road Centre. Address by Linda Burney MP Minister for Fair Trading/ Youth and Volunteers.
Addison Road Gallery: tel: 9518 3709; e: terrycutcliffe@aol.com; hours: 11-5 wed to sun.


2 real crocodiles (real but not live) will greet local MP for Canterbury,

 Minister in the NSW Government and Aboriginal woman Linda Burney who will launch National Aborigines’ and Islanders’ NAIDOC events at Addison Rd Community Centre.




Fun starts at 11am. All kids welcome. Art and Craft workshop with real crocodiles as artist's models. Draw a crocodile or make water lilies to surround the model. Traditional Indigenous food with roo burgers and a kangaroo cooked in a pit with hot coals. Didgeridoo players, dancers and story tellers. Learn about our Indigenous cutlure and be proud of it.

Films include "Vote Yes For Aborigines" and  shorts.
Admission $10; or $6 Concession.

Addison Road Centre 142 Addison Road Marrickville 2204  tel: 9569 7633



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