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Sunday, 7 January 2007
It's all going to happen in the next 5 years: native Ecuadorian
Mood:  cheeky
Topic: local news

The editor took a cycle (not the bike in this image) down to the Glebe Point Rd cafes yesterday, saving petrol and parking headaches, improving the cardio-respiratory health, to check out the really beautiful people you don’t read about in the press: Glebe Market – too much fun on a Saturday silly season holiday.


A superb café called Fair Trade was surprisingly calm as I chewed through the Sydney Morning Herald for story lines, tea, coffee, toast (as reported here:




It's the kind of cafe you could find Nick Possum 




drinking cider in. 


I read about kids falling out of the sky to be caught by public heroes, and other kids tragically hanging to death in a copy cat of YouTube judicial murder of Saddam: No doubt as unsympathetic a case as you will ever find, yet proving why the death penalty is stupid for degrading humanity generally. In true form Saddam with the aid of the Western puppet Iraqi government unintentionally manages to kill a few more on the way out.


As I read on a toddler exclaims “…. and toast too, and toast too?” which sounded fine to me. Another toddler grimaced and whimpered at the sight of the amazing carved crocodile coffee table to strains of pater “It’s okay, it’s not real”. Obviously not a Bindi Irwin fan yet.


Time to kick on to the market. This fine young woman in blue was collecting for the UNHCR, that is refugees, more here http://www.unhcr.org.au/























To assuage my guilt and relative poverty I explained I sent my money direct to Clean Up Columbia:


Clean Columbia help 1/06


And before that to a so far winning Chilean campaign:


Patagonia project


Phew! We agreed her short term approach and my long term approach were complimentary regarding tens of millions of greenhouse refugees. For the record she told me no photographs were allowed by her employer. Curiously the collector for admirable Medicines San Frontiers




said the same. Big media causing trouble again?


Into the stalls and the crowd of indeed beautiful young adults. John Fogarty CD in concert. Not today. Flick through a book on pre Columbian art, Hieronymus Bosch etc and a good chat about medieval history with the stallholder. Onto another curious one about Russian spies and of course Pilger but not today. We are deep in bobo i.e. bourgeoisie bohemian territory already when I chat with a 2nd stall guy who sells me 30 Van Gogh postcards for $5. He also has the ‘2 disc special edition of the original Wages of Fear, and Clooney/Kidman’s The Peacemaker DVDs for $5 each. Choice again, with a mean side serving of West Wing tv series etc analysis.


Another stall and another book I can’t resist: Sydney's Mark Aarons et al‘The secret war against the Jews’ with Spycatcher’s Peter Wright on the dust jacket. This will test my own politics I reckon.


A circuit around the alluring clothes racks, chat with the stylish recycled bling table, the stick button shop, and then wow, I see a dream and for a second we stare into eachother's eyes (Gene Wilder’s The Woman in Red springs to inadequate mind, in light green  actually, fair complexion and long straight reddish hair. What does Mark Knopfler sing – “made me feel 19 again”. Yep, that’s Glebe Market with not a Paris Hilton or Nicole within cooee.


A sweet south American folk song at a craft stall lingers so I ask the indigenous Ecudorian player what’s it about: Disturbingly he explains it’s of an older man in love with a younger woman in Spanish thankfully. We chat about politics. He tells me natives were being castrated in the jungle up to 30 years ago, and killed for $40 a head. No warning, just wham, let me have it unvarnished and oh so real. Our western comfort zone is so fake. 


I tell him about the very scary Herald story on climate change: “It’s all going to happen in the next 5 years” he says “I tell you, I know. I am having dreams about it every night.” We shake on that sad thought.


A delicious falafel roll (garlic sauce with a dash of chilli) fair value at $6.50 eaten next to this sign which reads "Land clearing/It's tearing NSW apart" courtesy The Wilderness Society, God bless 'em:

A chat on the phone to my disabled vollie Carol and I am about to “cut a track” as they say when I spot a book through the wire fence ‘Touching the void’ by Joe Simpson. Must have it for the pictures alone – a true record of a dissolving reality.


Declaration: The Glebe Market advertises with the Alternative Media Group which employs the editor of this otherwise independent www.sydneyalternativemedia.com/blog


Posted by editor at 7:18 AM EADT
Updated: Sunday, 7 January 2007 9:31 AM EADT

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