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Sunday, 21 January 2007
Families, kids still oppressed by Dept of Immigration says activist
Mood:  down
Topic: human rights

[Jamal writes about another sympathetic case of human rights violations]

Sent: Sunday, January 21, 2007 2:10 AM

Subject: what happened to the government's promise of “no children in detention”?

The case of Wang Zhen is another good example of the chaotic state of our immigration system.
The family of chinese asylum seeker, Wang Zhen (37 years old) and his wife Chen Mei (34 years old) arrived to Australia 11 years ago. Their 2 children were born in Australia. The husband was caught working and was put in detention. The other members of the family was left outside the detention (because of the government's policy of "no children in detention") on Bridging Visa E, with no rights (no right to work, no Medicare, no other benefits).
Mr Wang applied to be released on Bridging Visa to be reunited with his family. DIMA refused several time.
The wife could not survive without the husband, so she asked DIMA to detain them with her husband. On 21 December 2006, they were put in stage 4,
Villawood detention. The son celebrated his 6th birthday behind detention fences.
The Australian Red Cross rented a flat for them and promised to look after the family if they will be released from detention, but DIMA did not agree yet. The mental status of the whole family was deteriorated further after their detention. They told me that they did not have any chance but to join Mr Wang in detention, after they were enforced to sell all their furniture, could not pay their rent and could not buy food, because of the detention of Mr Wang, and the BVE given to the wife.
The question here: why this young family will not be released and granted permit to work, at the same time that the government is admitting that there is shortage in workforce and thousands of worker is contracted from China? How much is the government spending in keeping this young family in detention, instead of releasing them and allow them to work and pay taxes? And what happened to the government's promise of “no children in detention”?
By the way, there is another Iranian family (husband, wife and son) at Villawood detention.

Please write to the minister (minister@immi.gov.au)  and ask her some of the above simple questions.


Jamal Daoud


Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 7:46 PM
Subject: Your help is needed - write to minister to end the suffering of Aminovs
The case of the partners Aminovs, Samils and Alija, is a very good example of the chaotic state of our immigration system.

The Aminovs arrived (with their son Marat), 10 years ago from the former Soviet Union state of Latvia. They are not Latvian nationals, considered by Latvian authorities as stateless Aliens. They not only did not get access to many services, but were subjected to racial abuse and attacks. After their departure from Latvia, they lost their right to return there, as they were considered Russians. They are not Russians too, so the Russian authorities are considering them as Latvians.

They arrived to Australia 1997. Their application for asylum was rejected, but they could not be deported anywhere because they are stateless.

Recently, and after their son's 5 years marriage to Australian citizen, the son got permanent residence here. They thought that their ordeal finished and they will be granted a visa to stay here with their son, especially that they are stateless and no where to go.

DIMA is claiming that they are entitled for Latvian travel document, as stateless aliens.

The Aminovs are entitled for family re-union visa, as Marat is the only son they are having.

DIMA is admitting that this is the case, but they should apply from overseas, as according to the regulations.

Aminovs, and tens of their friends and supporters, could not convince DIMA officials that they have no country to go to to apply for the family re-union visa.

Their son, Marat, is on brink of collapse. He is receiving anti-depressant medication regularly. His wife terminated pregnancy twice for apparently stress-related problems the whole family is going through for the last decade. She is very scared to try once more at the moment.

The question remains: when will Aminovs, including Australian resident Marat, can start to try to rebuild their life which was shattered after 10 years of fighting to convince DIMA that they deserve protection?

The other question is: where DIMA wants to send Aminovs, who are stateless and will leave behind a young man who needs their support (as they also need his)?

Please write to the minister (xxxx )  and urge her to use her power to grant Samils and Alija Aminovs a humanitarian visa, to end their (and their son's Marat) ordeal.

Thanks and if you need any more info on the issue, please call me on 0421xxxxxxxx and please send me a copy of your letter to send it to the Aminovs' lawyer.

Jamal Daoud

[Contact details can obtained via a request in the comments section below: SAM editor]

Posted by editor at 11:37 AM EADT
Updated: Monday, 22 January 2007 7:55 AM EADT

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