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Thursday, 2 August 2007
Greens candidate in Bennelong Lindsay Peters launches his campaign
Mood:  bright
Topic: election Oz 2007



 [press release]

31 July 2007

The Greens and Rod Quantock launch Howard overboard in Bennelong

On Tuesday 31st July, the Ryde-Epping Greens launch their campaign for
the seat of Bennelong with their candidate Lindsay Peters at a dinner
hosted by the high-profile comedian/activist Rod Quantock and the Greens
Senator Kerry Nettle.

In Rod's words "Nobody told me and if they did I didn't hear them and if
I did hear them I wasn't listening. Can I be Prime Minister now?"

Mr Lindsay said "We encourage all socially responsible parties and
community groups to get behind the campaign to throw Howard overboard in
Bennelong in the next election - as a sign that Australians are ready to
redress the shameful legacy the Liberal government has left us - an
immoral war in Iraq, mandatory detention, children overboard lies,
WorkChoices, ignoring the stolen generation, the cruel treatment of
David Hicks, the denial of climate change, the destruction of our
wilderness areas, the neglect of public health and education and the
silencing of dissent.

"We also encourage Australians to restore balance to the Senate by
supporting Kerry Nettle and the other Greens senators so that unfair
legislation like WorkChoices can be undone."

For more information: 
* Lindsay Peters (Bennelong Candidate) on 0418 643 064, or
* Kristian Bolwell (Senator Kerry Nettle)  04116383220

Are You enrolled to Vote?  Have a look here:

Kristian Bolwell
Office of Greens Senator for NSW
Senator Kerry Nettle
T:(02) 96902038
F:(02) 96902041

[Here is the personal profile of Lindsay Peters from an earlier state election candidacy for the seat of Epping within Bennelong Mach 2007 here.]

“I have lived in the Epping area for the past 15 years. About 3 years ago I joined the Greens in the hope that I could make at least a small contribution to a group which was trying to address the major issues of our day including social and economic injustice, environmental destruction, loss of democratic rights, and war.

“Specific incidents that drove me closer to action have included our disgraceful treatment of asylum seekers, our patently unjust war on Iraq, our continuing logging of our wilderness areas, and our reluctance to make any meaningful effort to address our contribution to climate change.

“The last few years has confirmed for me that the Greens are committed to values which I see as deeply spiritual. Furthermore, even though they are passionate about many issues, they do not believe that the ends justify the means, but strive for a democratic, ethical and peaceful process in theirmeetings and campaigns.

Lindsay Peters is the son of a Jewish refugee who escaped to Australia from Nazi Germany in 1938. He was born in 1954, brought up in Wollongong, then studied science at the Uni of NSW, obtaining a BSc, PhD and Dip Ed. After graduation he worked as a software manager in both the private and public sectors. For the last ten years he has been the chief technical officer for a small Australian hi-tech startup.

“During my years at university I was a keen member of a progressive Catholic chaplaincy community which was active in issues such as feminism, peace, social justice, fair trade, indigenous rights, and of course, the environment - the same issues now being championed by the Greens.

Lindsay has four children from a previous marriage, and two from my current marriage. Lindsay’s wife works part time as a GP.

 “Our hope for the coming state election is that the Greens can raise people's awareness of some of these major issues, and as well, to provide a focus for voters who want to try and address these issues with us.”

To contact Lindsay Peters please email: ..... or call 0418 643 064.

Posted by editor at 8:18 PM NZT

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